Since Key4050 first addressed crowds at 2017’s Dreamstate SoCal, John O’Callaghan & Bryan Kearney’s horde of purpose-built, set-exclusive material has been locked up tighter than Fort Knox. Audiences at EDC Mexico, Bangkok’s Transmission and the Subculture arena event at Melbourne’s Hisense have subsequently fallen under its thrall. Remaining the sole preserve of their kinetic, redline-pushing set experiences, no track titles, personal insights or take-home music has become public.

Fourteen months after that first performance however 4050’s key is finally starting to turn. The moment some thought might never happen… is. Through the ‘Tales From The Temple’ album John & Bryan are prepped to release all that set-jet fuel en masse.

Blazing the path for the release of an entire 32-track arsenal’s worth of material on Feb 15, the first music to be made officially available from the pair’s union arrives today. Four of the duo’s festival flamers (‘Utterly Butterly’, ‘Birch’, ‘Finkle und Einhorn’ and ‘The Truth’) are available now through Spotify and as pre-order Instant Grats.

If you’ve seen Key4050 first-hand, you’ll know the type of pressure that’s on the rise here. If not, well this quad will put you in the no-uncertain-terms picture. A compression of carnivorous bass, drum march, staccato percussion and techno-tenacity, pinning together polygraph-tense drops and all wrapped up with their HD studio work, Key4050’s output is energy redefined.


CD 1
01. Beetlejuice
02. Wendle
03. Birch
04. Utterly Butterly
05. Dinklebot
06. Trevor
07. Pikachu
08. Settler
09. Squirrel
10. Quadruplets
11. Meryl Beef
12. Sweetest Road
13. Otter
14. Equinox
15. Altered Definition
16. Otterfly

CD 2

01. Irwin (5:08)
02. Donadoni
03. Schillachi
04. Laudrup
05. The Truth
06. Bortolottay
07. Egon
08. Take A Break
09. Retention
10. Jalapeno
11. Finkle und Einhorn
12. Intersect
13. Megatron
14. Ubuntu
15. Dickie Tummay
16. Alka


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Space Garden

oh yes please 🤪

Space Garden

Dinklebot 😍

Space Garden

my copy is on the way 👍 feels unreal these guys still making great music, i remember i was writing with joc on amatheur trance forums in 2003 or 2004 😀 also they released their music on Discover Recordings and made it famous

Space Garden

if you wanna know what the project name means check out: