Aly & Fila posted this weeks FSOE episode with the below message:

We have an important announcement to bring you regarding the future of the radio show. Soon we will be turning off the podcast feed and instead the radio show will be available on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer and all the usual streaming stores. By making this switch you will help support the radio show, our label FSOE and all the artists that are trying to make a living from releasing music in our scene. We encourage you to make the switch and listen on one of the platforms.

This would suggest that aside from stream rips or backdoor techniques, we will be left with "official" services only.

Posted this to see if anyone had any thoughts, as I'm sure many others may be going this way.

It of course ensures that the labels, artists and scene generally gets additional funds out of services like Spotify, but does that in any way put you off from listening?


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Ill most likely listen via spotify because I already have spotty, etc, but in reality, listening via apple podcasts was much more convenient for me, Ill most likely stick to the mixes of other artists on apple podcasts, unless I get in the habit of listening live on facebook.



Space Garden

i don’t use spotify, i listening all the sets on soundcloud or youtube because after all the time i follow all the artists i like and getting the updates with new music every time i check my follow page. so no more fsoe shows for me in the future i am afraid 🙁


latest episode 727 updated on apple podcasts, yes!