Crystal Clouds was excited to hear on Friday that Factor B will release his debut album via Bandcamp on the 1st July 2021.

The package features two CD's with Factor B showing off his more progressive side under the Highlandr alias on the first CD and then back to Factor B for the second.

We can't wait!


It's finally arrived.. The highly anticipated and long awaited debut DOUBLE album from Factor B! Featuring over 20 Brand new unreleased tunes not only as Factor B but under his experimental / progressive alias Highlandr!

Expect to hear brand new vocal collaborations with Arielle Maren, Cat Martin & more + some absolutely monstrous collab's to be announced!

The album is now available on Pre-Order, every purchase made on pre order is contributing to the completion & finalization of this long awaited album.

Release date is now 1st October 2021.


Act 1 - Factor B Presents: Highlandr

01. Fading Into You
02. Don't Hide Feat Susie Ledge
03. Feel Surreal
04. Connected Feat Arielle Maren (Highlandr's Sunday Morning Mix)
05. A Moment Of Melancholy
06. Cascades
07. On The Edge
08. I Want You
09. Get High
10. Just For A Day

Act 2 - Factor B

01. Sea Of Thoughts
02. Vacancty Feat Cat Martin
03. So Far Away (My Love)
04. Beacon Of Light Feat Arielle Maren
05. From Way Back Feat Super8 & Tab
06. Move Mountains Feat Cat Martin
07. Innerspace
08. The Oath Feat John O'Callaghan
09. Connected Feat Arielle Maren
10. The Overview Effect

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awesome Factor Best!!!!