Sometimes we have to dig a bit deeper for CDs to post, but it appears this one slipped us right by.

Craig presents his latest artist album "Believe In Magic" which features the vocals of some amazing talent over his great uplifting trance sounds.

The "You Are Alive" rework is a particular highlight to us!


Presenting my 3rd artist album Believe In Magic, released May 27th and available to pre-order right now on Vinyl, CD, Digital Download and Streaming. Whatever you can do to support this project would be greatly appreciated, whether it’s grabbing an ultimate bundle or simply just pre-saving on your favourite streaming portal, it really goes a long way to making projects like this possible. Vinyl and CD's are limited to 300 copies each, so if you’re a collector make sure to pre-order early. For this album I really wanted to go back to making whatever I felt like, rather than just making a straight up Trance album again like A Sharper Edge. That being said you’ll hear Techno to Progressive House and of course some of my trademark vocal bangers, from 123BPM all the way up to 142BPM. I feel like this album is the most fun I’ve had in the studio for a while, I really just went with the flow and focused completely on the art rather than the outcome. I have a ton of new music to show you but for now all I will say is I wouldn’t be able to sit around making music for a living if it wasn’t for my amazing loyal fans that keep supporting me, for what is now a whole decade in the Trance scene. Thanks for your support and roll on May!


1. Believe In Magic
2. Cast A Spell
3. Summer Nights featuring Ellysse Mason
4. Voodoo
5. Rabbit In A Hat
6. Reach Out featuring Gid Sedgwick
7. Amnesia
8. Little Mystery featuring That Girl
9. Keep Me Believing featuring Megan McDuffee
10. You Are Alive featuring Tara Louise
11. Quantum Eraser with Paul Denton
12. Headed For The Sun featuring Numa

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