Now if Winter has you minded of an album that sits at the deeper, darker end of trance’s atmosphere, well, think again.

In title as in tone, it categorically spans the spectrum, but on balance, is far more absorbed in spirited elevation than other ethers. For every track with a more peak-time conviction (‘In Madness’ by way of example) there’s two like ‘Winter Gates’ or the recently DJ Mag Money Shot-scooping ‘Golden Leaves’ who chart a melodic course. Likewise, piano-led poignancy like ‘November Rain’ always comes counterweighted by numbers like (lead single) ‘Shine’, ‘Colors’, ‘Ode To The Sun’ and others.

As with his disc on last year’s’ Subculture’ compilation (and some might say a debut Cold Blue album in all but name), the release is created & served to flow like a DJ set. (Indeed digital formats include a continuous mix of the album). Notable only by their absence are co-writers & collaborators. All eleven of ‘Winter’s desk-fresh tracks have been produced exclusively and singlehandedly by Cold Blue. A conscious decision from its outset, it’s allowed him the tight reins needed to cast winter not in a new light, but, for him, in the right light. 


01. In Peace
02. Shine
03. Winter Gates
04. Golden Leaves
05. November Rain
06. Frozen
07. In Madness
08. Colors
09. Recovery
10. Ode To The Sun
11. Reflections

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oh wow, haven’t seen about this one