01. Solarstone - Shield Pt. II (Expanded) [Black Hole]
02. David Forbes - Contemplation [FSOE Fables]
03. Phillip J ft. Kim Casandra - Footprints In The Sand [Amsterdam Trance]
04. Stealth HD - Escalation [Levitated]
05. SoundLift - Summer Moved On [Abora]
06. Manuel Rocca - Levithia [Levitated]
07. Jedmar - Bravery Activator [Ultima]
08. Exolight - Ashes From The Past [Always Alive]
09. Tommy Kierland & Laucco - Nidavellir [BTSR]
10. Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry van Hove - Elves of the Twelves (Tycoos Remix) [Entrancing]
11. Delta-S & Kate Louise Smith - Letting Go (Ikerya Project Mix) [Amsterdam Trance]
12. R3dub & Emoiyrah - Free Your Heart (Dub Mix) [Digital Euphoria]
13. Factor B - Alpha [Subculture]
14. Xenger One - Eclipse [Silent Shore]
15. Aeden - Sumatra (Kiyoi & Eky Remix) [Sundance]
16. Active State - Origins [Alter Ego]
17. Mike Sanders - Mediterranean [Grotesque]
18. District5 - Bella Donna [Butterfly]
19. KoRay - The Rain [Extrema]
20. Tiddey - Auriga [Tranceeffect]
21. A.R.D.I. - Lost In The Dark [inHarmony]
22. Dave Steward - Switch (S5 & L.G.M. Remix) [Nu:Chain]

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8 thoughts on “Tony Sty – Uplifts 304

  1. Solarstone – Shield Pt. II (Expanded)
    David Forbes – Contemplation

    really hard for me enjoy Trance tracks with this type of bassline….sorry

    Phillip J ft. Kim Casandra – Footprints In The Sand
    nice sweet vocal tune 🙂

    Stealth HD – Escalation
    excellent dreamy track!!! 🙂 🙂

    SoundLift – Summer Moved On
    YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAA 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 The perfect sound ! ! !

    Manuel Rocca – Levithia
    good relaxing melody! to relisten

    Tommy Kierland & Laucco – Nidavellir
    so nice emotional tune but a little too soft bassline 😐

    Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry van Hove – Elves of the Twelves (Tycoos Remix)
    great energetic sound from Erik Iker, good vocal too!!! 🙂

  2. Active State – Origins
    Mike Sanders – Mediterranean
    District5 – Bella Donna
    KoRay – The Rain
    Tiddey – Auriga
    A.R.D.I. – Lost In The Dark
    Dave Steward – Switch (S5 & L.G.M. Remix)

    really a great part was this!!! well mixed!!! so bangin Trancy sound and catching melody!!! YUUUUUUUMMMY!!!!!
    Origins is a totally euphoric choon, Mediterranean has a great energy & melody, Bella Donna ( funny italian title >> translate is “nice women”) has a good uplift sound, delicious!!! alert for The Rain is a bangin bomb!!!! Lost In The Dark is an outstanding melodic CHOON!!! what a sound!!!!!!!!! <<< Tune of the set!!!!
    last track is really interesting!!! 🙂

    relistening Stealth HD – Escalation very particular sound & melody…. so good

    • In hindsight I started this mix a bit more proggy than normal. Forgetting its an “Uplifts” mix 🙂 but some tunes just stick in your head during the week and you just have to play them.

      thanks for your kind words, I especially enjoyed mixing the second half. After an afternoon nap, it took me a while to wake up and get in the zone.
  3. omg only 134 bpm….perfect for sleeping… thank you for the speed up 😀 😀 😀

    have you some info about Stealth HD? just found at discogs but there’s not so much

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