1: A-Tech - Dream of Reality.
2: Aktyum - The purge.
3: A-Tech & Transient Disorder - Emotional Intel.
4: Conwerter & E-Mov - Explorers.
5: Djantrix & Spirit Architect - Cosmic Dust.
6:Tristan & Aardvarkk - Daws of Perception (Imagine Mars & Volcano remix).
7: Hypnoise - Organic Machinery (Spinal Fusion remix).
8: Imaginarium - Insider (Sound Control remix).
9: Imaginarium & Djantrix - Reconnect.

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Please make some more psychedelica mixes…sometimes my brain is running faster than 140 bpm’s…and checkout Electric Universe…latest album. I will listen to the whole of your mix 🙂 …

Last edited 12 days ago by Ice
The Witch Doctor

Love Electric Universe 🙂 thanks so much for listening, Psychedelica will be a fortnightly show, next one will be uploaded this week. Stay safe x