01. Ciaran McAuley - Never Fade Away (Benthe) (Extended mix) [FSOE Recordings]
02. Derek Palmer - Riptide (Original mix) [Emergent Skies]
03. Divaiz - #Flashback (Extended mix) [State Control Records]
04. Enzo - Majestic (Original mix) [Critical Uprising]
05. Joe Cormack - Deep into My Mind (Original mix) [Trance All-Stars Records]
06. Kamil Brandt - Wendy (Original mix) [Sub.Mission Recordings]
07. Cold Stone - Lone Wanderer (Extended mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
08. Etasonic - Sunshine (Etasonic Dark mix) [Trancer Recordings]
09. Alternate High - Unfold And Behold (The Avains remix) [Butterfly Music]
10. David Rust - Vision (F.G. Noise remix) [UNRSTRCTD Recordings]
11. Darren Porter - Colours (Extended mix) [Monster Pure]

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