01. Paul Miller - Dehesa De Luna (Original mix) [TAR#138]
02. Tycoos - Wandering Alien (Extended mix) [Suanda True]
03. Madwave & Andre Visior - Remote Control (Extended mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
04. Aly & Fila with Ferry Tayle - Concorde (Cold Blue Extended remix) [FSOE Fables]
05. Fredd Moz - When I Feel Alone (George Crossfield remix) [State Control Records]
06. Paul Courbet - South Star (Original mix) [Soul Waves Music]
07. Jak Aggas - Northern Lights (Extended mix) [Grotesque]
08. Kenan Teke - Corvus (Extended mix) [SMIND Music]
09. Andres Cuartas - Laaj (Extended mix) [Suanda True]
10. James Kelly - Illusive (Original mix) [Extrema Global Music]
11. Masaru Hinaiji ft. Tsuku - Autumn Breath (Veizo Dub mix) [Liberty Music Records]
12. Paul Denton - Test Of Time (Extended mix) [FSOE Recordings]

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Отличный выпуск. Соседям понравится.