01. Christopher Corrigan - Different Thoughts (Original mix) [Levitated Music]
02. Temple One - Cherished (Extended mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
03. Syntouch - Regina (Extended mix) [Butterfly Music]
04. Eryon Stocker & HamzeH pres. Finality - Uplift Your Mind (Original mix) [Digital Euphoria Recordings]
05. Lee Walls & Ashley Waters - Transhuman (Costa Pantazis remix) [Metamorph Seismic]
06. Stefano Brigati - Whirlwind (Original mix) [Tangled Audio]
07. Kiyoi & Eky vs. Atragun - Heritage (Extended mix) [Redux Recordings]
08. Eric Zimmer & Shawn Hunter - Terminal One (Extended mix) [Redux Magic]
09. Jedmar - Air Train (Syntouch remix) [Butterfly Music]
10. Toyax - Waiting For Summer (MakeFlame remix) [Redux Recordings]
11. The Noble Six - Black Lotus (Extended mix) [A State of Trance]

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