01. Digital Rush & O.B.M. Notion - Nightfalls (Extended mix) [Always Alive Recordings]
02. Cold Blue - A New Spirit (Original mix) [Subculture]
03. Will Rees - Need You (Original mix) [Kearnage Recordings]
04. David Leek - Emerald Nova (Garry Noon remix) [Tranceform]
05. Michael Rehulka - Glow Of The Past (4 Seas remix) [Midnight Aurora]
06. Rene Ablaze - Under Control (Extended mix) [Degenerate Records]
07. The Cracken - City Of Angels (Extended mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
08. Syntouch - Waiting For The Sunrise (Extended mix) [Butterfly Music]
09. Kiyoi & Eky with Last Soldier - Come Together (Extended mix) [Interplay Records]
10. Brent Rix - Shaman (Extended mix) [Redux Recordings]
11. Andres Sanchez & Claire Willis - These Three Words (Dub mix) [Extrema Global Music]

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