01. Scott Lowe & High Definition - Midnight Blue (Function C pres. Keelin Temple remix) [Unearthed Records]
02. Dave Nadz & LeBlanc - Haamiah (Original mix) [Defcon Recordings]
03. Activa - For What We Have Lost (Ian Betts remix) [Discover Records]
04. Falcon - Kestrel (Redstar 1.0 remix) [Red Force Recordings]
05. Rene Dale - Reset (James Poulton remix) [Monster Digital]
06. A.R.D.I. - Wrong Turn (Original mix) [Harmonic Breeze Recordings]
07. Cylum & Velden - Waiting For Sunrise (Original mix) [Silent Shore White]
08. Defcon Audio - Fringe Division (Paul Todd remix) [Defcon Recordings]
09. Jamie Walker - Mind Games [Defcon Recordings]
10. Johan Ekman - So On, So Forth (Original mix) [Flux Delux]

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2 thoughts on “Tero A – Northern Skies 200

  1. Falcon – Kestrel (Redstar 1.0 remix)
    WoW!!! what a track from 2012…….this is goooooooood sound! never heard this version!

    Rene Dale – Reset (James Poulton remix)
    another track with a wonderful sweet style

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