01. UDM - Look Around (Original mix) [Veritas Recordings]
02. Kheiro & Medi - Una Sonrisa (Original mix) [Titan Audio]
03. Frank Waanders - Giddiness (Extended mix) [Always Alive Recordings
04. Greg Dusten - Higher State (Original mix) [Discover Digital]
05. Farid & Kiran M - Vibranium (Extended mix) [Digital Society Recordings]
06. Hiroki Nagamine - Stingray (Original mix) [Blue Soho Recordings]
07. Alessandra Roncone - For Our Angels (Extended mix) [FSOE Recordings]
08. Liam Wilson - Something About You (Original mix) [Grotesque]
09. Ciro Visone - Italy in Trance (Original mix) [Discover Records]
10. The Avains - Iva (Original mix) [Supercell Recordings]
11. Michael Kaelios - Solar (Original mix) [Supercell Recordings]

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nice fresh start with UDM and Khero & Medi, excellent energetic tune from Frank Waanders, then another bangin belt from Greg Dusten , a beautiful sweet tune from Farid & Kiran M, 2 well know bangin from Hiroki Nagamine and Alessandra Roncone and great melodic track from The Avains 🙂 🙂