10. Activa - Anamara [Black Hole]
09. John O'Callaghan & Factor B - The Oath (Club Mix) [Subculture]
08. UDM - Vega [Ablazing]
07. Billy Gillies - Lovesick [Future Sound Of Egypt]
06. Dan Kelly & Kevin Energy feat. Kim Carmen Walsh - Pranayama [Deep In Thought]
05. EverLight & John Dopping feat. Jay W - Razor Blade [Skullduggery]
04. Will Atkinson & Klaus Kaz - Hard_Vox_Tekk_ [Victims Helpline]
03. Scot Project - B3 (Believe In You) [Outburst]
02. Metta & Glyde - Neptune [Surgikal]
01. Steve Trollope - The Long Way [Regenerate]

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Space Garden

first release from Steve, i love the melody and the banging sound. hoping for more from this guy 🙂

Space Garden

found out he is a french guy and from the Adam Ellis Masterclass, which you can hear from his sound for sure 😀