01. Prastix - Super Sonic (Original Mix) [Krembo Records]
02. Man With No Name & Megatone - Moment of Truth (Megatone Remix) [Krembo Records]
03. Mad Tribe - Planet Gone MAD (Original Mix) [Tip Records]
04. Electric Universe & Volcano - Akasha (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
05. Sentinel 7 - Mushroom Bass (Original Mix) [Psytribe Records]
06. UnderCover & Mad Tribe - The Journey (Original Mix) [Delta Music Group]
07. Electric Universe - Millenia (Original Mix) [Sacred Technology]
08. 4Laughing Buddha & Lucas O'Brien - Revel with the Devil (Volcano On Mars Remix) [Sacred Technology]
09. Alpha Portal - Full Throttle (Earthspace Remix) [Nano Records]
10. 3Sentinel 7 - The Sound (Original Mix) [Pharmacy Music]
11. Mad Tribe - Spaced Out (Original Mix) [Tip Records]
12. Simon Patterson - Panic Attack (Zach Zlov Bootleg) [Mp3]
13. Electric Universe - Freedom (Original Mix) [Dacru Records]

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