01. Oxia - Domino (Sean Tyas Found Some Balls Rework) [CDR] 02. Insigma - Open Our Eyes (Sean Tyas 'Got Piano' Remix) [ATCR] 03. Paul van Dyk feat. Jennifer Brown - We are Alive (Breathless Mix) [Mute] 04. Dusterix - Dusted (Sean Tyas Remix) [Joyride] 05. 8 Wonders vs Marco V - The Feeling After (Tyas & Kearney Mashup Rework) [CDR] 06. Bubblefish - Stars of Ibiza (Sean Tyas Remix) [Sirup] 07. Pryda - Waves (Sean Tyas Rework) [CDR] 08. Selu Vibra - Divine (Sean Tyas Mix) [Somatic Sense] 09. Fire & Ice - Souvenir de Chine (Tyas Rework) [CDR] 10. True Form - Forbidden Colours (Sean Tyas Rework) [CDR]

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