01. Ciaran McAuley feat. Clare Stagg - All I Want (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Animals Music]
02. Allen Watts feat. Christina Novelli - My Gravity (Extended Mix) [Whos Afraid of 138?!]
03. UCast feat. Susana - To Another Day (Original Mix) [RNM]
04. Leroy Moreno - Synchronicity (Extended Mix) [Whos Afraid of 138?!]
05. Owen Witman - Waves Of Emotion (Extended Mix) [Lussive Uplifting]
06. Matt Farmer - Pure (Extended Mix) [Vibrate Audio]
07. Bixx - Escape To Euphoria (Extended Remix) [Abora Recordings]
08. Bixx - Above The Clouds (Extended Mix) [Nocturnal Animals Music]
09. Steve Allen & Patrick Dreama - The Remedy (Extended Mix) [RNM]
10. Metta & Glyde - The Chances We Take (Extended Mix) [Regenerate Records]

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