01. Temple One - Feel for You (Original Mix) [Enhanced] 02. Mike Nichol feat. Elles de Graaf - So Far Away (Original Mix) [Discover] 03. Danny Powers - Lost (Original Mix) [Kill the Lights] 04. Phillip Alpha - Valente (Juventa Remix) [Enhanced] 05. Paul Trainer feat. Antonia Lucas - Rise Again (Original Mix) [Aropa] 06. Sebastian Sachov - Proper Line (Paul Miller Remix) [Music En Route] 07. Sly One vs Jurrane - Everything To Me (Original Mix) [Discover] 08. Vengeance - Decadence (Lehm & Gras Remix) [A State of Trance] 09. Bryan Kearney pres. Karney - I've Had My Fun (Sneijder Remix) [Kearnage] 10. Interstate vs Tyler Michaud feat. Jessy Greene - Junkie (Reaves & Ahorn Remix) [Vandit]

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