01. Corderoy - Kyrie (Original Mix) [Mondo]
02. Steve Allen - Split Second (Original Mix) [Excessive Pressure]
03. Mohamed Ragab - Time Will Tell (SoundLift Remix) [Stellar Sounds]
04. Reconceal - When I Find You (Simon Bostock Remix) [Perceptive]
05. Thom V & South District - Palermo (Cagan & Colak Remix) [CDR]
06. Vicky Devine - Facing the Truth (Dan Powers Remix) [Flux Delux]
07. Claudia Cazacu vs Vicky Devine - Glamour (Tech Trance Mix) [Liquid]
08. Greg Downey - Grudge Match (GD vs JOC Mix) [Goodgreef]
09. Ice Upon Fire - The Next Level (Oen Bearen Teardrop Remix) [Actuate]
10. Lodos - Nothing (Cagan & Colak Remix) [CDR]

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