Paul Oakenfold

Paul Oakenfold Featuring Tiff Lacey - Hypnotised
(Deepsky's Reakto Radio Remix)
Solarstone - Release
Dave Gahan - Dirty Sticky Floors (Junkie XL Full Length Vocal Mix)
Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (Dub Mix)
Paul Oakenfold Featuring Carla Werner - Southern Sun (Gabriel and Dresden Unplugged Mix)
Yahel - Butterfly (Remix)
Altitude - Tears in the Rain
U2 - Where The Streets Have No Name (Daniele Davioli Remix)
Coldplay - Clocks (Remix)
PPK- Resurrection


Maskio - Can U Feel It?
Duncan Sheik - On A High (Gabriel & Dresden Love From Humboldt Dub)
Tiesto - Traffic
Skin - Faithfulness (Tiesto Remix)
Hemstock & Jennings ft. Adam White - Reverence
Dogzilla - Dogzilla
Andy Hunter - Go
Three Drives (On Vinyl) - Signs Of The Universe
Radiohead - Street Spirit (tiesto remix)

Judge Jules

Poloroid So Damn Beautiful (Decode)
Unknown Unknown (Closet)
Azure Sunset (white label)
Harry Diamond + The Lost Boys I Need You Now (w/c)
Ferry Corsten Rock Your Body (-)
Ricky Fobis No Regular (ID+T)(BXR)
Tiesto Traffic (white label)
Freeloader Pure Devotion (white label)
Airscape Untitled (white label)
Sotex Unknown (white label)
Robert Natus Unus Pro Multi (Sub Sounds)


Pedro Galgardo The Funk (white label)
New Cut The Bomb (white label)
G + VCT Optimised Ep (la Romeo already)
Space DJZ Recreations EP (Kombination Research)
Mhonolink Mankin (Swag Records)
Mhonolink Ahima (Mhonolink Redliked Elite)
Danilo Vigorito Rephlex EP (Phase Music)
Nitzer Ebb Murderous (in Romeo)
Ade Fenton Perverter 2 (Potential)
Techanisia Nebula (in Romeo)
Tom Hades Disco Nouveau (Invasion)
Techanisia Acid Storm 2002 (Sino)
Unknown Unknown (white label)
Tiesto Traffic (white label)

Eddie Halliwell

Mysterious Action - Throught The Tangled Forest Of Illusion (Mantra)
DJ Tiesto - Traffic
Innergy - Comet Crashtest (Detox)
Ron Van Den Beuken - Timeless (Ron van Den Beuken Remix) (Liquid)
Freeloader -- Pure Devotion (Tukan's F&W Remix) (Big Star)
DK8 -- Murder Was The Bass (DK)
Decoy & Roy - Inner Life (E-Ject Remix) (Data)
Dark By Design - Severe Punishment (GoodGreef Recordings)
Rocket Base - House Bee (Drizzly)
Michael Splint Pres. Eruption -- I Feel Free (DJ Choose & F's That Mucho Remix) (Nukleuz Green)
Igor S - Boomerang (Igor S Mix) (Arte/ID&T)

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Amazing sets courtesy of Tiesto & Da Judge ! Traxx such as Faithfulness, Reverence, Go (Antillas Remix), Signs Of The Universe, Sunset, Pure Devotion (Tukan’s F&W Remix), Airscape’s Sosei & Michael Woods’ Solex are True Bangers from back in da days !

And what an Absolute Stormer of a Set from Eddie Halliwell, mainly made of H.A.R.D. T.R.A.N.C.E. !! Pure Madness with Stompers such as Timeless, Pure Devotion, Severe Punishment, House Bee, I Feel Free & Boomerang ! 🙂 Gr8 to see that Eddie Halliwell was also Truly Addicted to this F&W/Tukan/DJ Choose & F/That Mucho Hard Trance Sounds !