01. Alex Tasty - Time To Love Again [We Are Trance]
02. Titanize - Dream Of You [Redux Red]
03. Neroun & Dilara Gadel - Tomorrow [2Rock]
04. Alex Soun - With The Flow [Big Toys]
05. Claus Backslash - Beyond the Sunset [Coldharbour]
06. Andy Moor & Adina Butar - Wild Dream [Coldharbour]
07. Alexander Komarov - Wood Fairy [Suanda Base]
08. Corrie Theron - The Cure [We Are Trance]
09. Rene Ablaze, Maratone, Waves on Waves - Beautiful [Interplay Global]
10. Alpha Breed - Enlightenment 2021 Remixes (Rene Ablaze Remix) [ReLaunch]
11. Spectral & Claire Willis - Losing Each Other (Vocal Mix) [Extrema Global]
12. Milosh K - Dance Of The Mind [We Are Trance]
13. Christopher Corrigan - Hurt Like Love [Uplift]

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Excellent! thank you for this guestmix. FLsteve in Florida