01. Sonic Element - Gone Again (Intro Mix) [Borderline]
02. Selim Özkaya - We'll Not See The Dawn [Antima]
03. Ayda Van Helden - Voice In My Head [TranZone]
04. Dmitry Chelnokov & Damian Wasse - We Are Back [Suanda Dark]
05. Osman Mousa & Blue5even - Soaring Lights [VANDIT]
06. DJ Tranceair & SounEmot - After Chaos [InZearZ]
07. Brandt Hoff - Our Sun [Aerodynamica]
08. Steve Allen & Trance Classics Ft. Meredith Bull - The Love In Your Lies (Metta Glyde Remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
09. Nicholson - Praise The Lord [High Voltage]
10. Allen Watts & Ramin Arab - Black Sun [High Voltage]

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good to see Mr Smith still banging out the 140’s on Top Tens

Nice build and flow on this, great finish to