01. Redstar - The World (Original Mix) [Monster Digital] 02. Max Stealthy - Earthquake (Original Mix) [Stories in Trance] 03. Pierre in the Air - Salire (Moonsouls Remix) [Alter Ego Progressive] 04. Reiklavik & Iqcha - Without Words (Matt Bukovski Remix) [Infected Identity] 05. Rene Ablaze - Curiosity (Dima Krasnik Remix) [Redux] 06. N&R Project feat. Steklo - Sacrifice (Craig Steven Dub Mix) [Trance All-Stars] 07. Icone - The Big Bang (Original Mix) [Blue Soho] 08. Outer Space - Time is Worth (Araya Remix) [Diverted] 09. Darryn McCallion - Anonymous Enemy (Philip Mayer Remix) [Music En Route] 10. Morvan - Anima (Original Mix) [Unearthed Red]

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