Imogen Heap - Hide And Seek (Need A Name bootleg mix)
Youssef Chen - Kyojin [Above All]
GAR - Frequency [White Soho]
ThoBa featuring Bethany Marie - Cold (Denis Airwave remix) [Eximinds Airlines]
DARVO - Wandering Flames [Redux Red]
Huem - Rain [Discovery]
WeareD - Live On Forever [Suanda True]
Andy Tau, Sean Mathews & Max Millian - Shadows And Light (Andy Tau remix) [Infrasonic]
Kiran M Sajeev - Fallen Empire [Airstorm]
Sunset presents Symsonic & Lucid Blue - Desert Rain (Frainbreeze remix) [Suanda Voice]
Alphadelta - Avalanche (original uplifting mix) [Defcon]
Liquid Vision presents LIKWID - Feelings (Defcon Audio's Defconditioned edition) [Defcon]
amAya - Breathe (club mix) [Defcon]
New World - Ikigai (club edit) [Defcon]
Allen Watts - Fallen (UDM remix) [Defcon]
Mumford & Sons - Only Love (Ciaran McAuley rework)
Humate - Love Stimulation (Michael Retouch bootleg)
Sean Mathews - What Lies Ahead [InfraRed]
Sergey Nevone & Simon O'Shine - Apprehension (Aly & Fila mix) [Defcon]
Alexey Ryasnyansky - Star Way [Condura]
The Avains - VV (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [TFB]
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington - Lost In You (SettleR remix) [Defcon]
SoundMission - Away From The Sun (SettleR remix) [Entrance]
Space Garden - Sora (Jamie Walker remix) [Defcon]
Tom Forde - Heart And Soul [Defcon]
Three Faces & Christian Zechner - Lost In Time (Steve Allen remix) [Suanda Voice]
Force Multipliers - Between Borders (ReDrive remix) [Defcon]
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Insadness (Amos & Riot Night remix) [Operator]
Stella Project - Mysterious Euphoria (Mark Eworth remix) [Mysterious Station]
Black XS vs R.E.L.O.A.D - Human Rage [Suanda Dark]
Luca Gazzola - North Rose (Black XS remix) [Mysterious Station Dark]
EverLight - Ripsaw (EverLight's Blackout mix)
Michael Kaelios - Event Horizon [Supercell]
Tasso & Riot Night - Blasphemy [Tytanium]
NG Rezonance & Costa Pantazis - The Kaya Identity [Sonic Cathedral]
Ryan Tasker - What's Happening? (Lazarus edit) [Beyond Belief]
MaxRevenge - Insanity [State Control]
Black XS - Nova [Discover Dark]
Diego Morrill presents TDM - Sinister (R.E.L.O.A.D. remix) [Operator]
Jamie Walker - Mind Games (EverLight remix) [Defcon]
Lazarus - Diamonds [Defcon]
Franco Landriel - Quimera [Lifted Audio]
Faithless - Salva Mea (Icedream bootleg)

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