We Are All Astronauts - It's All For You
D-Nox & Beckers - Call Me (Mr Raf & Morttagua remix) [Morttagua]
Cary Crank - Shooting Stars [Flemcy]
Kintar & Delum - Island Mood [Timeless Moment]
Sasha Epstein - Falling For You [La Mishka]
Monolink - The Prey (Gui Boratto & Vintage Culture remix) [Embassy One]
Cubicore featuring K.I.R.A. - You [Armind]
Space Motion & Stylo - The Last Siren (Morttagua remix) [Timeless Moment]
Protoculture featuring Gid Sedgwick - Is This A Dream [ASOT]
Alfonso G - Enchanted Forest [Bevel]
One Rock State - Zero Coordinate (Gai Barone remix) [Gradera]
Apex Sound - Signal [Addictive Sounds]
Pablo Gargano - My Lollipop [JOOF]
Andy Tau - Into The Void (BlackWhyte remix) [Infrasonic]
Joram Smit - Jakhals [Redux Deep]
Nadine Fehn - On Target [ZYX]
Audien & DeColita - Behind Our Thoughts [Alter Ego Progressive]
Allen & Envy featuring Katty Heath - I Wasn't The One (Iversoon & Alex Daf remix) [How Trance Works]
Nikhil Prakash - Chakra [InfraProgresive]
NoMosk & Nathia Kate - Moments (Elite Electronic remix) [Suanda]
Vitodito & Daga - Light Fight [InfraProgressive]
Seegy - Only Now [Interplay Flow]
Eli Spiral & Kri Samadhi - Arecibo [JOOF]
F4T4L3RR0R - Pulse [Addictive Sounds]
Milad E & Whoman - Viper [Gallant]
Tearrain - Sleepless Fall [Subtraxx]
Lewis Dodkins - Timeless [Harmonic Breeze]
Keenan & Anderson featuring Tiff Lacey - Runaway [Navigation]
Jonas Hornblad - Nothing But Life [Cloudland]
Christian Zechner & Lira Yin - Starclad [Unearthed Red]
Pizz@dox vs Elles de Graaf - Tears From The Solaris (Chaim Mankoff mashup)
Oceania & First State - Always Falling (GoMeZ92 bootshup)
John 00 Fleming & Christopher Lawrence vs Lost Tribe - Gamemaster On Fire (Victoria Da Silva mashup)
Maarten de Jong featuring That Girl - Colour [ASOT]
Acues - Automatic Heart (HyperPhysics remix) [Ultima Audio]
Dash Berlin - Oceans (Robbie Seed remix) [DistroKid]
JPL - Your Whole Life (Mike Sanders remix) [Alter Ego]
The Ashk One - Paradise (Derek Palmer remix) [Levitated]
CQUENZ - Calypso [Beyond The Stars]
Igor Dyachkov - Encounter (Elite Electronic remix) [Suanda True]
Alternate High - Atlantis [Trancer]
Ryota Arai - Out Of Reach (Ellez Ria remix) [Pulsar]
John Waver - Thunderstorm (Thomas Coastline Lifted remix) [Trance All Stars]
Calvin O'Commor & Paul Cemball - Look At The Light [Redux Magic]
Stefano Negrini featuring Anthya - Phoenix [Trancer]
Matt Eray - Out Of Control [ASOT]
Kevin Crowley - Lost [Defcon]
Elitist - Ultimate Situation (Kaimo K remix) [NU Communicate]
Michael Kaelios - Event Horizon [Supercell]
R3dub - Lucky (Sacred 7 remix) [TFB]
Fresh Code - World Without Colours (MaxRevenge remix) [TFB]
Tiesto - Lethal Industry (Mark L Terror rework)
Blashear - The Corner Stone [BXS]
Tasso & Riot Night - Blasphemy [Tytanium]
Bryan Kearney & Bowdidge & Taylor vs Above & Beyond - Uncommon Home World (Adam Francis mashup)

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