High On Isra - An Ending (Thomas Lemmer Ambient remix) [SINE]
Deftick - Defchord [Labor]
Anton Borin (RU) - Hypnotic Space [Zephyr]
SONE - Innerspace [Dear Deer]
Batıkan Abız - After the Storm [Future Forward]
BT - Dreaming (Kamilo Sanclemente bootleg)
Phalguna Somraj - Teresita [ABSTRACT SPACE]
pakolive - On My Mind (Kamilo Sanclemente remix) [Mirror Walk]
Tangible - Untethered [Progressive Vibes]
Bandēs - Supernova [Armada]
Lukysh - The Same New Beginnings [Progressive Vibes]
Juan Pablo Torrez featuring Amber Long - Missing
UNKLE + Sasha - In A State (Ezequiel Arias edit)
Anton Trian with F4T4L3RR0R - Hydrae (Fireblast remix) [Addictive Sounds]
Paradoks - The Prophet [Timeless Moment]
Ayhan Akca - Fame Circus [Future Forward]
La Roux - In For The Kill (Simon Doty remix)
Cj Peeton - Harmony [Zephyr]
natrX - The Light [OASIS | Trance All-Stars]
F4T4L3RR0R - Global (Levitone remix) [Addictive Sounds]
Paaro - What We Feel (Fille V remix) [Addictive Sounds]
Ansun & Fissure - Off My Mind [Sosumi]
Retrika & Alex Mueller - Another Day [Sosumi]
Kryder & Mark Roma - Pleasure Or Pain [Black Hole]
Sendr & Scolario - I Know [Interplay Global]
Ferry Corsten & Ruben de Ronde - Bloodstream [Flashover]
Eximinds & Proyal - Mood [Suanda]
MARC BAZ - Above All Skies (Huem remix) [Abstractive Music]
Loreno Mayer, Bmark & Robbie Rosen - I Can Feel It [Interplay]
Leo Lauretti & Zohar featuring Stephanie Collings - In The Air [Euphonic]
Merisem - Golden Waves [Redux Deep]
Exeland featuring Natune - When You're Near [Gert]
Tanya Rebeca - Seeing Him Again (Rehoxx remix) [Progressive Vibes]
Matthew Duncan - Iris [Redux Red]
Ben Ashley - Sanctuary (Diego Morrill remix) [Alter Ego]
Baranov & Amber Traill - Velocity (Edvarvhile remix) [ Entrancing]
Anton Trian - Aerostatic (F4T4L3RR0R remix) [Addictive Sounds]
Airum & Julia Violin - World Tension [2Rock]
Rakielis - Echo (club mix) [InfraProgressive]
Stunson - Static Harm [Purezza]
SICKCODE - Eliphaz [Trance All-Stars]
Squarz Kamel - Ethereal [In Sessions]
Vladislav Maximov - Airbreath (Nioz remix) [Addictive Sounds]
CubeTonic - High Voltage [Suanda Base]
Super8 & Tab - In This Life [Armind]
DaWTone - I'm Watching You [Yeiskomp]
Solis & Sean Truby with Audrey Gallagher - Skin Deep [Infrasonic]
Bardalimov - Fate [TAR#138]
Lost Witness featuring Milos Novotny - Rescue Me [Edge One]
Blue Sector - My Heart [Pegasus]
Manuel Rocca - Against The Wind (Alex Wright remix) [Levitated]
Last Soldier & Sina7 - Alone [LAST STATE]
LR Uplift - Frozen World [Yeiskomp]
C-Systems, Christian Zechner & Hanna Finsen - Farewell [DS-R]
Talla 2XLC & Allen Watts - Suburbia [WAO138] + Barack Obama - Spirit Of Sacrifice
AndrewC - Space Angels [Sundance]
Stonevalley - Relative (club mix) [Perceptive]
Adam Schofield - Powers [Antima]
Trance Reserve - Another Reality (Katrin's World remix) [Neostatics Sounds]
Edele Andaya - First Promise [Suanda]
Christian Zechner - Sunlight [Unearthed Red]
Christopher Corrigan - Leviatation (Ryan K uplift remix) [Alter Ego]
Dennis Sheperd & Katty Heath - Losing My Mind (Yelow remix)
Ellez Ria - Echoes [Defcon]
Darren Tate - Fall From Grace [Mondo]
Artento Divini vs Davey Asprey - D.A.D.A. [WAO138]
Aviell & Alternoize DJ - Fatality [Entrancing]

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