Ofdream - First Woe
Above & Beyond - Can't Sleep (We Are All Astronauts Progressive mix)
Agnes Obel - The Curse (JFR Private bootleg)
Lorenzo Al Dino featuring Cope - Just Love (Morttagua remix) [Morttagua]
Sounom & Sagou - Saivu [Flemcy]
Ilya Mazurov - Fading Away [Progressive Vibes]
Redspace & The Great Dane - Seduction [Redspace Sound]
Caz Coronel - Mambe (XABISO remix) [Flemcy]
Space Motion & Kashovski - Another Chance [Progressive Astronaut]
Nopopstar - Atmospheric [La Mishka]
Caira - Stay With Me (Astrevea remix) [Summer Melody]
Digital Constructive - Ethereal Light [IONSphere]
Guy J - Lamur (Ozgur Ozkan Breaks edit)
Jack Lazarus - New Beginning [Flemcy]
One Rock State - New Way (Stan Kolev remix) [Gradera]
Redspace & The Great Dane - Call Me Baby [Redspace Sound]
Facade - Orewa (Narel remix) [JOOF]
Facade - Weta [JOOF]
MarioMoS - Offshore Dreams [Melodiös]
Yusuke Teranishi - Starry Skies [Synth Collective]
Nikhil Prakash - These Roads (Emerge remix) [InfraProgressive]
Ruben De Ronde & Rodg & Patrick Baker vs. Yoel Lewis featuring Natalie Gioia - Forever Midnight Madrigal (Mr. Trancetive & Sverre Zielman mashup)
Ric Aires - Dusk In Your Eyes [D.MAX Deep]
Tom Bro - Perceptions [Antima]
Blaze Sulinski - DropOut [Azima]
Empirian - Against All Odds [Suanda Progressive]
Ahmet Atasever - Extrovert [Progtrak]
Lewis Dodkins - Solstiice [Mondo]
Taylor Torrence & Tara Louise - Dream Again [Enhanced Progressive]
Denis Airwave - Lost At Sea [2Rock]
Factoria - Revive (Maywave remix) [Alter Ego]
CMCV & Hidden Tigress - Soar [Silent Shore Progressive]
Asteroid - 10th Planet [Alter Ego]
Holbrook & Skykeeper - Waterfall [Interstate]
Darryn M - The Universe [Synchronized]
Michel Balog - Sonora [Trance All-Stars]
Igor Bakschaev - Autumn [Progressive Vibes]
RolandNTG - FRACTURE [Trancewelle]
Vash & Solaris - The Pit [Levitated]
Bigtopo & CJ Rolo - By Your Side (Huem remix) [Vibrate Audio]
Adip Kiyoi - Memories [Suanda Base]
Axis Dezer - One Point [Trancemission]
Hoyaa - Divine [Blue Soho]
Rowan van Beckhoven - Forest Whispers [Levitated]
Air Project - The Power Of Dreams [We Are Trance]
Sherrie Lea - No Ordinary Love (Kyau & Albert remix) [Hi Bias]
New World - Be Here Now [Abora]
Gayax & Dj Xboy - State Of Love [Redux 138]
Plutian - Atlantis (Escea remix) [Trancer]
Escea - World In Transition [Beyond The Stars]
Thomma - Forgiven (Dave Cold remix) [D.MAX]
Mikey Dickens - Evolution (Glynn Alan remix) [Metamorph]
Matthias Bishop - Sunset Sky (Katrin's World remix) [Interflow]
Double Motion - Life In Motion [Trancemission]
Evebe - Torn Apart (Tycoos remix) [Trance All-Stars]
Norex & Grande Piano - Rise [Nahawand]
N-sKing - Fantastic Moon [TAR#138]
Escea - Gesara [Beyond The Stars]
D72 - Under Your Spell [TAR#138]
Catchfire & Gayax - Childhood [Beyond The Stars]
Cygnus X - Superstring (Rene Ablaze bootleg)
Fatboy Slim - Right Here Right Now (Rated R remix)
Storm - Time To Burn (Ryan K rework)

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