Buffy Summers - Bring On The Night
Shandor - Afterglow (Tvant remix) [Exalted Tunes]
AREO - Isolation [Redspace]
The Blockchain - Again And Again [Deer Deer White]
Tears For Fears - Shout (Morttagua & Kyanna remix) [Morttagua]
Ipeiqi - Rolling Hoping (No-No remix) [Summer Melody]
Can Ergun - Animal [Deer Deer Mafia]
Not Demure - Overture [Flemcy]
Jamie Walker - Find Me [Amplifyd]
Can Ergun - Mankind [Deer Deer Mafia]
Jords - The Tourist [Flemcy]
SparroX - Rolling [Flemcy]
Aaron Dmitriew - Soaring [Synth Collective]
Night Shift Master & Jumpers_27 - Blue Paradise [Midnight Coast Aurora]
Last Dream - Dark Days [Butterfly]
NYCD - Sirenita [Sirenita]
AxelPolo & Dominic Manns - Timeline [Suanda Progressive]
FAWZY - Resonating Force (Huem remix) [Sub.Mission]
Alex Mazel - Serenity [Redux Red]
7Roses & Camille - Trying Not To Cry [Yeiskomp]
Phalguna Somraj - Ku De Ta (Yashua remix) [A LABEL]
DJ Geri - The Great Odyssey [Azima]
Key Lean - Seascape 1985 [Suanda Progressive]
Airwave - Atlas Winds [Bonzai]
John Dopping & Remeya Kingston - Bury Your Secrets (club mix) [Ayra]
Proyal - He Will Come (Denis Sender remix) [Promind]
David Surok - Shadow (Andrew White remix) [Tranceform]
Maduim & Joorg Matt - Moonstone [Aural Sonic]
WhiteLight - Critical Point [Suanda Base]
Ahmed Helmy - Evolution Of Civilization [Suanda]
Ben Stone - Aragon [Interstate]
Allen Belg - Another Day [Synchronized]
Ruta & Lucid - Blue - Like A Dream (NoMosk remix) [Suanda Voice]
Specific Slice & Sandro Mireno - The Fall Of Titan [Abora]
Ruslan Device featuring Katsu - You Are My Paradise [Synchronized]
SQNC9 - Sublimation [Silent Shore]
Skywatcher - Tornasol [Edge One]
Escea - The Future [Suanda True]
Trilucid featuring Sophie Tusnelda - Find You (Ultimate remix) [Infrasonic]
Ultimate & Moonsouls - Rush [Interplay]
Armos & Lucid Blue - Call Of The Wild (Mhammed El Alami remix) [Suanda Voice]
Abide & U-Mount - All Alone (Alternate High remix) [Nahawand]
R3dub - Anima [Ultima]
Attila Syah & LTN - Padma [Suanda True]
Se.Ra.Phic - Nothing Above [Beyond The Stars]
Joe Cormack - Deep Into My Mind (Soul Lifters remix) [Beyond The Stars]
Acues - A Perfect Day (Escea remix) [Ultima]
Spectorsonic & Alex BELIEVE - Aura (Abstract Vision remix) [Azima]
Victor Special - Life Creator (Kaistal.A.O remix) [Edge One]
Last Soldier - Desert Rose [Last State]
Charls Mind - Dreamers (The Avains remix) [Tranceform]
Paul Priestley & Quake - Totem (FG Noise remix) [Metamorph]
Asteroid - Infrared [Metamorph]
Together - Hardcore Uproar (Psymes & Graeme Campbell Binary rework)

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