Fade - Noah [SINE]
Endorfina - Dive [Azima]
Mabbu - Mogadishu [La Mishka]
TouchTalk - Living [Deer Deer White]
TouchTalk - Going On [Deer Deer White]
Miguel Angel Castellini - Trina [Addictive Sounds]
Jordan Gill - Break [Deer Deer White]
Alex Wave - Astronaut [La Mishka]
Amir Hussain - Scarlett [JOOF Aura]
F4T4L3RR0R - One Of A Kind [Addictive Sounds]
Sergey Paradox - We Have To Go [Audio Treatment]
Rami Eid & Hidden Tigress - Hopeless [Trance All Stars]
Alex RusShev & Andrew Perera - Before The End [SubMission]
3RVIN - Confused [Addictive Sounds]
Ornery - Symmetry [Flemcy]
Sergey Paradox - Sequence [Audio Treatment]
Element 108 & Aaron Cullen - A Girl Has No Name [JOOF Aura]
Trian - Delta Tri [Interflow]
Anton Trian - The Longest Goodbye [Addictive Sounds]
Dim Val Pol - Light Breeze (PoLYED remix) [Summer Melody]
Voitech - Miss You [Progressive Vibes]
Mahaputra - Space Travel [Synchronised Music]
Profetik featuring Alina Renae - Forgive Me Again [Profetik]
Minicied - Lateral [Antima]
Andy Norling featuring Isabella Novac - Trust (Red & Black remix) [Silver Waves]
Xpectra - Adaria [Trancemission]
Adam Sein - Fields Of Serenity (Melchi remix) [Summer Melody]
Milad E & Andy Kumanov featuring Tess Fries - Amazonia [InfraProgressive]
Klassy Project featuring Zak - So Cold (HP Energetic remix) [Sub.Mission]
LTN - If I See You In Heaven [Interplay]
Tucandeo featuring Jennifer Hershman - Only We Know [InfraProgressive]
Ahmed Helmy - The Unchained [Suanda]
Syntouch & Ciaran Dolan - Skylarking [Butterfly Music]
NG Rezonance - Chemical (Avaxx edit) [Syncopy]
Tycoos & Denis Sender - Collabro (Aimoon remix) [Entrancing]
Aeden - Artifacts (Terra V. remix) [Ultima Audio]
LR Uplift - Anya [Abora]
Last Soldier - Tree Of Time [LAST STATE]
R1TURAJ - Beyond Imagiation [Nrgized Audio]
Nico Cranxx - Chase Your Dreams [Aural Sonic]
Alternate High & Evgeny Venge - Desire To Be (AirLab7 remix) [Trancer]
Ivan G.M - Vy Canis Majoris [Ultima Audio]
Alex Djohn - Twilight [Redux Fantasy]
Amine Maxwell & INDI - Quivira [Edge One]
Huem - Halley [Defcon]
Bob Cartel featuring Ai Takekawa - Lie To Me (Akku remix) [Just Music]
Andrew Starkoff featuring Masha Belyaeva - Where Do I Go [Trancemission]
Zane Baker - German Adventure [Shamania]
Pavel Tkachev - Melancholy [Yeiskomp]
Zenfire - Nightfall [Redux Magic]
Emmy Skyer - Northern Lights [TAR#138 | Trance All-Stars]
Dawid Jurzyk - Memories [LAST STATE]
Daniel Cesana - We Are All Heroes [Redux]
Jay Flynn - Resonate (F.G. Noise remix) [ART]
Tom Exo - Nightshades [Suanda True]
Stefano Brigati - Primary Function [Tangled Audio]
Nick V - Choose Me! [Liquid Energy Digital]
Fher Vizzuett - Unfailing Love [Azura Ink]
Costa Pantazis - Shadow Markets (Obie Fernandez remix) [Metamorph]
Leo Dantes & Kevin Hoskin - Project Fear [Metamorph]
Lucas Deyong - Forza [InfraRed]
Allan McLuhan - Dark Vibrations [Vibrate Black]
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Insadness [Operator]

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