Sung - Hollow [Sung]
UV - Dark Paradise [Alltum]
Mabbu - Neo Soul [La Mishka]
Morttagua - Fragarach [Morttagua]
ZGOOT - Movement Of The Universe [Summer Melody]
Andre Sobota - Early Sign [Gradera]
The Blockchain - Again And Again (Kinree & Den Maar remix) [Deer Deer White]
JP Lanteri - Yin Yang [Flemcy]
Redspace - Sunset [Redspace Sound]
Apex Sound - Shimmer Zone [OHM Deep State]
Morttagua - Dreamcatcher [Timeless Moment]
Paul Sawyer & Damien Spencer - Red Sun [Deer Deer White]
F4T4L3RR0R - One Of A Kind (Heerhorst remix) [Addictive Sounds]
Morttagua - The Mantra [Timeless Moment]
Danilo Ercole - Dynamica [Addictive Sounds]
Jesser - Michele Alves [Vibrate Audio]
Eximinds, Eldream, & Mark Wild - Phantom [Interplay]
Kirill Sarsenov - Primal Call [Progressive Vibes]
Vince Blakk - Kenia [In Sessions]
Atragun - Amarok [Entrancing]
Jan Martin - Exemption (Abstract Vision and Elite Electronic remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Airwave - When Things Go Wrong [Bonzai]
Vitodito - Madrid [Infrasonic]
Alex van Sanders - Feel Alive [Yeiskomp]
Ahmed Helmy - Evolver [Suanda]
C-Systems featuring Lira Yin - In Another Life [Blue Soho]
Twin View featuring Andrew Vass - Let U Go (ThoBa remix) [Suanda Voice]
Dmitry Bessonov - Shift [Perceptive Deep]
Mike Shiver & Aruna - Everywhere You Are (Duderstadt vocal mix) [Anjunabeats]
Edelways - Ray Of Hope (Aiera remix) [Unearthed]
Vitodito - Salty [Infrasonic]
Mitex - Delusion (Diego Morrill remix) [Above All]
DJ T.H. featuring Sam Knight - King Of The Night (Tycoos remix) [Entrancing]
Ronski Speed featuring Karen Ires - Revolving Doors [Euphonic]
Pavel Yudin - D.I.Y. (Dmitry Strochenko remix) [Pulsar]
Squarz Kamel - Green Alert [We Are Trance]
Lie Siu Pao & Adip Kiyoi - Metsys [Trance All Stars]
Andrew Mirt - Balerina [Trancemission]
Derek Ryan featuring Melissa Ryan - Ripples (Skyline remix) [Redux]
SHato - Something Between Us (Odonbat proglifting remix) [Unearthed]
FORCES - Fireborn (Adip Kiyoi remix) [Trance All Stars]
Wonder Element - Aurora [Aurora Melodies]
Evebe featuring Danny Clare - Everything [Abora]
Sou Kanai featuring Claire Willis - Stay (Dennis Pederson remix) [Inov8]
Dalmoori - Ladybug [Redux]
ANDO - Back Home [Suanda True]
illitheas & Mhammed El Alami & Johannes Fischer - New Rise [Abora]
Jedmar - Seemingly Stability (Kamil Brandt remix) [Ultima Audio]
Chris Sundive featuring Irina Love - Alone (ReOrder remix) [Trance All Stars]
Coke Montilla - Sublimation (W!SS remix) [Interflow]
Ula - Back To You (Calvin O'Commor remix) [Ultima Audio]
Dmitriy Kuznetsov - Limerence [Abora]
London & Niko - Skydome [Above All]
Cyril Ryaz & Hidden Tigress - Castle Of Sand [Masana]
Greg Downey & Sunscreem vs Cosmic Gate vs Sied van Riel - Signs Of The Perfect Navigator (Michael McBurnie mashup)
John Sunlight - The Red Phobia [Entrance]

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