Øfdream - Ninth Gate [Playground]
Peter Hulsmans featuring John Dopping - Solitary [Discover]
Airwave - Tigris & Euphrates [Bonzai]
Morttagua - The Parallel [Timeless Moment]
Randy Katana - In Silence (Frank Sonic remix)
Aaron Dmitriew - Joy [Synth Collective]
Deidian - Radiant Shores (Design8 remix) [Summer Melody]
Tristan Armes - Colours [Synth Collective]
Solid Sky featuring Jama - Going Around (PROFF vocal mix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Guy J - Fly (Hybrid Soundsystem remix)
Nakhiya - Twilight Zone [TAR Oasis]
Sodality - Dreamer [Suanda Progressive]
Mhammed El Alami - Dance [Suanda Progressive]
Gabriel Volt - Mar [Melodios]
Aamos - Kissed By Siren [Entrancing]
Tilt - Invisible (Supernatural mix) [Lost Language]
HP Energetic & Cold Face - We Are [InfraProgressive]
Michael Milov - Oblivion [Suanda Base]
Abstract Vision & FORCES - Conglomerate [Interstate]
Gabriel Montufar & Nicole Torres - My Love [Abora Progressive]
Goc - On The Dancefloor [We Are Trance]
Mattias Bishop - Sunbeam [Interflow]
Volmax featuring Aylin Aloski - Hologram (Andy Groove remix) [Pulsar]
Syntouch & Alternate High - Hidden Loneliness (George Crossfield remix) [Trancer]
StoryTeller - With Sorrow Comes Pain [Masana]
Miles ID - Celebration For Tomorrow [Levitated]
Kiran M Sajeev - Highlands [Entrance]
Dalmoori - Cycling Road [State Control]
Aurosonic featuring Nicol Cache - Tell Me Why (Mhammed El Alami remix) [Suanda True]
Denis Sender & FloE - Charisma (Cyril Ryaz remix) [Entrancing]
Collective Frequency - Merriment Symphony [Levitated]
HyperPhysics - After The Sunset [TAR#138]
Dalmoori - Stickleback (club mix) [Beyond The Stars]
SoundMission - Away From The Sun (SettleR remix) [Entrance]
Daniele Filaretti - Bright Sand (Dalmoori remix) [Aurora Melodies]
W!SS with Ash K & Junior - Lonely Path (SounEmot remix) [Nahawand]
Last Soldier & Kiran M - Autumn [Entrancing]
Syntouch & Davidi - Unlimited Speed [Butterfly]
Darren O'Brien - Delay [Blue Soho]
Running Man - Amnesia (Amine Maxwell & Atragun remix) [Abora]
Shockwaves - Lost Universe (club mix) [Beyond The Stars]
Reflekt featuring Deline Bass - Need to feel loved (Jamie Walker remix)
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Macumba [Whole Story]
Jericho Frequency & Jennifer Rene - Holy Ground (Metta & Glyde remix) [Amsterdam Trance]
R.E.L.O.A.D. & Blashear - Face Our Rules [Projekted]
Defcon Audio vs Jamie Walker - Defcontamination [Defcon]
Vincent De Moor - Fly Away (Freesoup's for Ash remix)

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