SoundLift - Wonderful Feeling (George Crossfield & NrgMind Orchestral mix) [Natura]
Way Out West - The Gift (Way Out West remix) [Hooj Choons]
Arjonas - Chemical Romance (Morttagua remix) [Uplifting Music]
JP Lantieri - Aries [Flemcy Music]
Oovation - Kali [Timeless Moment]
Y-VEK - Polarized [D.MAX Deep]
Cressida - Soda [Ava]
8 P.M - CyberOxygen 2076 [Colored]
Shari Bright presents Sharona - Sindy [Entrancing]
Rigo Avila & Miraks - Dark Star [InfraProgressive]
George Ellinas - Be Mine [Ellina]
Pulse & Sphere - 5 52 (6AM mix) [Suanda Base]
Evave - To The Stars (PROFF remix) [Enhanced Progressive]
Max Ryan - Zaxxon [In Sessions]
Jean Luc - Apokalipto [Trance All-Stars]
Abraham Ramirez featuring Alouette Cedillo - Primero Tu [Vibrate Audio]
Stan Redspace - Freshness [Neostatics]
Depeche Mode vs Boy Hagemann - Policy of Truth (Ben Double M nasty acapella mashup)
Paul Rigel - Love Lasts Forever [Silent Shore]
Cammel - Sky & Sand (Diego Morrill remix) [Above Allternative]
Eximinds featuring Angel Falls - Inside Out [Eximinds Airlines]
DT8 Project - Power Of One (Mike Shiver remix) [Mondo]
Simon Fischer presents Nonlinear Endorphine - Stormclouds & Silver Linings [State Control]
Michael Matyushin - XYST (Liquid Vision presents Olia Alio Experimental remix) [Elliptical]
Pendulum vs Super8 & Tab - Elektra Island (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Grazba - Lagrema [Defcon]
Underworld - Two Months Off [Junior Boys Own]
AYK, Juliet Lyons - Coming Back [Inspectrum]
Maywave - Voyager [Alter Ego]
Alphadelta - Avalanche (original uplifting mix) [Defcon]
Brent Rix - The Arrival [Above All]
Cosmic Heaven - Multiverse [Suanda True]
Venetica - Friendly Skies (Dan Thompson remix) [Synderion]
Christopher Corrigan - Trust [Infra Red]
Ramin Arab - Infinite Sense [Redux]
Terra V. - Exotic [Pegasus]
Misja Helsloot - Different Cookie [Edge One]
Super8 & Tab featuring Jan Burton vs Algarve vs Coldblue - Sakura Empire (Ben Double M acapella mashup)
Jeitam Osheen - Akrasia [Digital Euphoria]
FAWZY & Jack Vath - Gate To Another Universe [Vibrate Audio]
Shalti featuring Nurit - Fly [Redux Magic]
Above & Beyond - Thing Called Love (Inversed remake)
Mercurial Virus - Ethno [Beyond The Stars]
Matt Everson vs. Simon Patterson - Heist Thump (LarSson & Lucas Comes mashup)
Andrew White - Silver City [Tranceform]
Liquid Vision vs. Indecent Noise & Colin James - Labyrinth Warrior (Maximus mashup)
John Askew - Battery Acid (Ellez Ria refeel) [Discover Dark]
Too Many Artists - Raw Malware (Dean Rigbey mashup)
Simon Patterson vs Coldplay - Miss The Scientist (DJ Pitch vs XiJaro mashup)
Kevin Crowley - Snake Eyes [Defcon]

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