Øfdream - Fallen Angel [Playground] *RIP*
Space Motion & Haze-M - Ariahy [Timeless Moment]
New Even - Skala (Wæde Wätts remix) [White Soho]
Fulgurant featuring Hooman Nemati - Dream [D.MAX]
Mykleby - Fjords [Synth Collective]
Hiromori Aso - Reality [Trance All-Stars]
Ander One - Cold Day [OASIS | Trance All-Stars]
Inspirer - L'Amour [Entrancing]
Adip Kiyoi & Roxanne Emery - Embers [Suanda]
Northern Trace & Last Soldier - Ashes (Table 18 remix) [Alter Ego]
Broning & Trance Reserve present Progressum - Sataclysm [Suanda Progressive]
Neroun - Darling [Pegasus]
Mark van Rijswijk featuring Lorraine Gray - Under The Sun (The Arrivals remix) [Alltum]
Planisphere - Teardrop [Bonzai]
OceanLab - Miracle (Martin Roth vocal remix) [Anjunabeats]
Lewis Dodkins - Timeless [Harmonic Breeze]
FAWZY vs Cyril Ryaz - Perfect Start [Vibrate Audio]
Mavros & Fawzy - The Storm Caller [Vibrate White]
Frainbreeze - We'll Never Die [Trancemission]
Apple One - They Came From The Stars [Inov8]
Stannis - Clouds In Velvet (Dmitry Golban remix) [Perceptive Pure]
Snow Flakes & Rishabh Joshi featuring Ekatherina April - Kiss The Night (ReOrder Uplifting mix) [Perceptive Pure]
Mike Wendes - Mariya (Sou Kanai remix) [Ternary]
Allan Berndtz & Terra V. - Let's Unite [Pegasus]
Philler Music - Lost World (Alternate High remix) [Trancer]
Alternate High & Laucco - Hearts Of Heaven [Beyond The Stars]
Ciro Visone - Flying On The Moon (New World remix) [Digitized]
David Surok - Memories of Spring (Alternate High remix) [VERSE (Equinox)]
Alternate High - Far Away (SettleR remix) [VERSE]
Cyril Ryaz - Glory [Entrancing]
Paul Miller - Just One Day [Discover]
Norex & Adwell - Far Away From You [TAR#138 | Trance All-Stars]
Icedream - Elysium (Steve Dekay remix) [Butterfly Music Dark]
Mart Sine featuring Andrea Britton - Cast Away (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [Trancer]
Shadowline - Regenesis [Redux 138]
Mike Sanders - No Way Out (Nikolauss #140 remix) [State Control]
Marco Mc Neil - Playing With Fire [Delta Vision]
Kickstone - Glorious [Blue Soho]
onTune - Raving Sausage (Tranceformations 2019 Anthem) [Suanda Dark]
K.E.K A - Incomplete [Suanda True]
Stayer X - God Bless 140 [Entrancing]
Ellez Ria & Skysunrise - Morning Beams [Dark Soho]
NX-Trance - XCite 2013 [Defcon]
Blashear - Let It [ReDrive]
Forbidden Mind - Connection [Tangled]
Sean Tyas - Drop [Discover]
Michael Kaelios - Endless Paranoid [Liquid Energy]
Liquid Vision presents LIKWID - Twitch [Defcon]
Jamie Walker - Exposure [Defcon]
Black XS - Nova [Discover Dark]
Kaistal.A.O - I Come From Taiwan [Edge One]
Empathy - Banginghead! (R.E.L.O.A.D. remix) [Operator]

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