We Are All Astronauts - Doves [Sine]
Deepshader & Nkoder - Sundail [Noise Dealers]
Jan Martin featuring Hysteria! - Way Ahead Of Me (Anthony Nikita remix) [Synth Collective]
Luvmac - Inner Smile [Synth Collective]
Tom Noize featuring Lorraine Gray - Sky Runs Out (Steven Liquid & Sunny Island Freaks remix) [Above All]
Ericksii - We'll Be Alright [White Soho]
Maratone featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - All I Need (Frailai remix) [Masana]
One Pale Ghost - Chasing Halos [Vibrate White]
Huem - Shelter [OASIS | Trance All-Stars]
Dark Echo - Boreal [Entrancing]
Milad E & Wynwood - Aegean [Suanda Progressive]
Josa & Tomas Moran - Multiverso [InfraProgressive]
Michael Milov featuring Kate Miles - I Don't Know [Suanda Voice]
Hypersia - Farewell Anthem [Redux Red]
Venetica - The Things We Left Behind [Synderion]
AYDA - Higher [Suanda Progressive]
Aamos & False9 - Valo [InfraProgressive]
Paul Gibson - Ataraxia [Yanada]
Airborn - Into The Sky [Suanda]
Evgeny Pacuk & Mohamed Ahmed - Inspiration [Trance All-Stars]
Ryan Raya & Zegax - Ocean Soul (David McQuiston remix) [Soul Waves]
Allan Berndtz - Ma.Jo.No. [Pegasus]
Ben Ashley featuring Natalie Dime - In The Dark [State Control]
BT - Never Gonna Come Back Down (Paul Legvand bootleg)
Solewaas & Lydia DeLay - Dance The Night Away [Maratone]
Abstract Vision & Ultimate - Ethereal [Infrasonic Pure]
Vince Schuld - Disconnected (Cenk Basaran remix) [Discover]
amAya - Breathe (club mix) [Defcon]
Krivi - Sunrise In Boka [Total Digital]
Aeden - Foundation (W!SS remix) [Ultima Audio]
Sergey Lagutin - The Wind [Beyond The Stars]
Wez Tuppeny - The Shimmer [Vibrate Audio]
Activa - This World [Discover]
Syntouch & The Avains - Origin [Butterfly]
Atragun - Our Universe (SMR 2019 Anthem) (Tycoos remix) [Sub.Mission]
Cosmic Heaven - Nautilus [Suanda True]
Abide - With You Alone [Aurora Melodies]
Radianth & Mozarski - Altair [Alter Ego]
Papulin featuring Maria Milewska - Paper Boats (Uplifting mix) [Suanda Voice]
Rezwan Khan featuring Robin Vane - Space Of Emptiness (KaltFlut remix) [Redux]
Terra V - In Head We Trust [Alter Ego]
Arman Bas - Without Truce [TAR#138 | Trance All-Stars]
Gustavo TFB - Selene (Black XS remix) [High Trance Energy]
Ryan K - Telomerase [Discover Dark]
Bruder - The Speech [Discover White]
Daved - Vital Oxygen [Redux 138]
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Beautiful Torture [ReDrive]
NX-Trance - Typhon [Defcon]
Talitha Taylor & Amitacek - Nite Flyte [Defcon]

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