Great Sphinx - Segment 6
Reconceal & Andy Blueman - The World To Come (Magdelayna remake)
Frailai - Astronaut [Masana]
Winterya - Silhouette [Synth Collective]
Skyline Project - Fair Enough [Summer Melody]
ArchX - Northern Lights [Synth Collective]
Fernando Capalbi - De Los Dos [Melodios]
Dim Val Pol vs PoLYED - The Beach Of Agia [Summer Melody]
Tyler Michaud & Thomas Sagstad vs. Joost Glazenburg - Renegades Reminder (Victoria Da Silva mashup)
Alex H & Lumidelic - Never Too Late [Synth Collective]
Stefre Roland - Not Earth Sleep [Yeiksomp]
Levitate - Blue Pacifico [Vibrate White]
Aamos - Callisto [InfraProgressive]
Elitist - The Stars (Milad E remix) [Sub.Mission]
Huem - Heartbeat [D:Max]
Elated featuring Thea Riley - Take Me As I Am (Diego Morrill remix) [Vibrate Audio]
K.E.K.A. - Impulse [Suanda]
INVIRON featuring Natune - Be Mine [Trancemission]
ThoBa featuring Bethany Marie - Cold (Denis Airwave remix) [Eximinds Airlines]
Airbourne Angel - New Start [Redux Red]
Cyril Ryaz - Dynasty [Ultima]
Cyril Ryaz - Ace [Ultima]
Adam Schofield - Reverie [Antima]
Andy Tau, Sean Mathews & Max Millian - Shadows And Light (Andy Tau remix) [Infrasonic]
Adip Kiyoi - Limerence [Suanda Base]
Sunset presents Symsonic & Lucid Blue - Desert Rain (Frainbreeze remix) [Suanda Voice]
Tommy Kierland & Laucco - Nidavellir [Beyond The Stars]
Illitheas - Moments With You [Abora]
DreamLife & Aleksey Gunichev - Good Night My Dream [Abora]
Eric Senn - Days To Come [Blue Soho]
Last Soldier with Kiyoi & Eky - Bermuda [Redux]
Darren Porter vs DJ T.H. & Linnea Schossow & Daniel Kandi - Colours Light (Next DJ mashup)
Syntouch - Rainbow [TAR#138]
Sonny Stollenmaier - Hear Me! (George Crossfield Emotional remix) [Trancer]
Rene Ablaze & Mhammed El Alami - Supernova [Suanda True]
Mindsoundscapes - Excalibur (On My Mind) (Simon Fischer remix) [State Control]
Brent Rix & Mechanical Chords - Creation [Alter Ego]
Martin Libsen - Proxima Centauri [Beyond The Stars]
Arti5an feat. Anki - Come What May (Dustin Husain remix) [Infrasonic]
Nalin & Kane - Beachball (Inversed redux 2019)
Dominik Walter & Giovannie De Sadeleer - Hope Remains (George Crossfield remix) [Trancer]
Christina Novelli & DJ Xquizit - So Cold (DJ T.H. & Nadi Sunrise remix) [Abora]
Kinetica & Inversed - Nebula [Cohesion]
Mickey Crilley - Destiny (Dean Nicholson remix) [ART]
Arif Kasimov - Forgotten [Sub.Mission]
Paul Denton - Wire Tap (Alternative Mix) [Tytanium]
Diego Morrill presents TDM - Sinister (R.E.L.O.A.D. remix) [Operator]
Kevin Crowley - Brave The Storm [Defcon]

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