Thomas Lemmer & Andreas Bach - Sweet Lullaby [Sine Music]
Sasha featuring John Graham - Rooms (Ampish Sunrise edit)
Melchi - Follow The Sun (Souma remix) [Synth Collective]
DJ Jounce featuring Christina Novelli - Nobody Knows (Moonbeam remix) [Blue Soho]
D.E.C.A.D.A. - Vitam [Uplifting Music]
Mike Sang & Muzik Dealerz - Supersonic (Huem remix) [Transire]
I-Vision - Everyday [Perceptive Deep]
Milad E & Matthew Duncan - Salvation [Suanda Progressive]
Wilderness - India [Mashbuk Progressive]
Antares 101 & Lira Yin - Bitstream Highway [Yanada]
Oleg Farrier & Michael Grovetsky - Only You [InfraProgressive]
Deep Fog & FloE - Blue City (Michael Milov remix) [Entrancing]
Audiko & Lucid Blue - Time To Pray [Trance All Stars]
NoMosk & Lucid Blue - Inside The Fire [Suanda Voice]
Frainbreeze & Lucid Blue - Light My Way [Suanda Voice]
Humate - Love Stimulation (Paul van Dyk original Love mix)
Defcon Audio - Trailblazer (Alphadelta remix) [Defcon]
Dmitry Belokrinitsky - Everything In You [State Control]
Ronny K. vs Ziki - Memories (Alphadelta remix) [Defcon]
Logical Disparity featuring Remeya Kingston - What If [State Control]
Syntouch & ARCZI featuring Angel Falls - Way To My Heart (The Avains remix) [Butterfly]
ARV - Solar Wind [Vibrate Audio]
Meridian - Shifter (Stonevalley remix) [Infrasonic]
Michael Milov featuring Vadim German - Find You [Sensual Bliss]
Frainbreeze & Lucid Blue - Light My Way (Sunset presents Symsonic remix) [Suanda Voice]
Si Whelan - Sphinx [Discover]
Paipy - Euphoria [Redux 138]
Dimension vs Chvrches & Adam Ellis - Clearest Blue Origami (Adam Francis mashup)
Rusty Spica - Pure Utopia [TAR#138]
Obie Fernandez - Inner World [Vibrate Audio]
Volmax - Speed Of Light (R3dub remix) [Ultima Audio]
Blashear - Marabel
Cyril Ryaz - Hurricane [Maratone]
4Joann - Trula [Blackout]
Billy Gilles - Orion
Xian - Vampilove
Kamil Brandt - Wendy (Levekar & HSN remix) [Sub.Mission]
R.E.L.O.A.D. - Asking About You [Blue Soho]
Andrew Manning - Things [Discover]
Dreamseekers - Artificial Intelligence (R.E.L.O.A.D. remix) [Silent Shore]
John O'Callaghan - Broken (Carlos Martz remix)
Chris Cockerill - Incognito (Icedream remix) [Defcon]

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