Plastic Boy - Silver Bath (Magdelayna's Recollection mix)
Rauschhaus - Stratos [Timeless Moment]
Rauschhaus - Room In A Cloud [Timeless Moment]
JP Lanteri - Malbec (Ge Bruny remix) [Flemcy]
Leonety - I'll Be There [Summer Melody]
myni8hte - Nudiustertian [Synth Collective]
MaxRevenge - My Sunset [Vibrate White]
Empathy - Lights Will Guide You [Operator]
Daniel Bright - Genesis [Eximinds Airlines]
Rodri Santos - Life Goes On (Physical Phase remix) [Progressive Vibes]
Danilo Marinucci - Iceland [Redux Red]
Aamos - Terra Incognita [InfraProgressive]
Michael Milov featuring Lucid Blue - End Of Days [Suanda Voice]
TEKNO & DJ T.H - Godspeed [Entrancing]
Roman Messer featuring Christina Novelli - Fireflies (Alexander Popov remix) [Suanda]
Poshout vs Holbrook & Skykeeper - Time Gate [Interstate]
Xavian & OSITO - Kaleidoscopic Daydream [In My Opinion]
KWONE - Dreams [Suanda Base]
Silva & Andersson featuring Di - Wherever I'll Be
Mobil - Scythia [Trance All Stars]
Scarlett Moon - Sorry (Glynn Alan remix) [Yanada]
Alphadelta - Terrestrial (Balearic mix) [Defcon]
Maratone featuring Amy Kirkpatrick - All I Need [Abora]
Fleeticer - Seven Seas
Fischer & Miethig featuring ArDao - Wherever We Go (Simon Fischer remix) [Redux]
HyperPhysics - Nightwalker [Suanda True]
Inner State featuring Tiff Lacey - Changes (Angel Ace 2019 remix) [Entrance]
Omniks & FAWZY featuring Akire - The Beauty Of Our Lives [Vibrate Audio]
Akira Kayosa & Hugh Tolland - Going Back [Titan Audio]
Tycoos - Time Traveller [Suanda]
Simon O'Shine - Guadalajera [Trance All Stars]
JPL - Your Whole Life (Mike Sanders remix) [Alter Ego]
Ciro Visone & Charls Mind - Ombra [TAR#138]
DJ Abscence & Adam Morris - Trancefusion [Redux Magic]
Kiyoi & Eky - Sign From Heaven [Suanda]
AstroFegs & Thomas Aaren - Valkyrie [Alter Ego Pure]
Alternate High - Unfold and Behold (Syntouch remix) [Butterfly]
Katrik with Kiyoi & Eky - Me Before You [Digital Euphoria]
Photographer - Infinity (Steve Allen remix) [Suanda]
Melvin Sheppard - Telekinetic (Costa Pantazis remix) [ART]
The Avains vs Azima - #Lifted (Cyril Ryaz remix) [Lifted Dark]
Icedream presents Kernel Panic Music - You Got Issues
A-Tronix & Sven E - Technology [ReDrive]
NX-Trance - So What [Defcon]

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