Hamaeel - Between Two Worlds (Két világ közt)
Nygma - Old Story (Numedian remix) [Melodios]
Glenn Morrison & Dave Ohms - Outer Limits (Rauschhaus remix) [Timeless Moment]
Gladen - Gardena (Wlady & TNY edit mix) [Red Lizard]
Zgoot - Promise [Synth Collective]
Alexander Chekmasov - Azimut [Suanda Progressive]
Vadim Spark - UFA [Suanda Progressive]
Michael Milov & Maratone - Inner Voice [Suanda Base]
ASKII - Way To The North [Abora Progressive]
Vadim Bonkrashkov - Rise Of Nations [Entrancing]
FloE featuring Kate Miles - Make It Last (Denis Kenzo remix) [Entrancing]
New Horizons - Summer Rain (Andreas J remix) [Summer Melody]
Adip Kiyoi & Christina Novelli - Carousel [Suanda]
FEEL & Broning - WarmUp [Trancemission]
Nemke & Digital Elements - Celestial [Trance All Stars]
Rheligie featuring Spectre Cross - Ardent Fever (Adip Kiyoi remix) [Trance All Stars]
Cory Goldsmith - Anxious [Tangled Audio]
Dan Thompson - Ripsaw [Metamorph]
Josh Kaelen - Oceans [Vibrate Audio]
Ion Blue - Blue Moon [Alter Ego]
Cris Grey - Sunrise In Palawan [Beyond The Stars]
Roman Messer featuring Clare Stagg - For You (Tom Exo remix) [Suanda]
Maestro Dabici - What Dreams Are Made Of
Nabil MJ & Dove Project - Loneliness [Vibrate Audio]
Amitacek - Sofia [D:Max]
The Avains - Anticipation [State Control]
Bernis - Atlas Of Lost Cities [State Control]
Factoria - Kissed By An Angel 2018 [Alter Ego]
Franco Scaravaglione - Spice [Redux]
Amitacek - Bhadar (Estigma remix) [Defcon]
Adam Ellis - An Ember In The Ashes [Kearnage]
Hadrianicus - Pathfinder [Defcon]
Michael Milov featuring Angel Falls - I'll Be With You (Divaiz remix) [State Control]
Marco McNeil - Fearless [SMIND]
Blashear - Think It [D:Max Dark]
Christopher Lawrence - Banshee (Neos remix) [Pharmacy]
NG Rezonance, PHD, & Matt Draper - Trinity (Venetica remix) [Syncopy]
Luca Gazzola - Balance [Discover]
Kevin Crowley - Windmills (Noon & Morgan remix) [Digitized]
Metta & Glyde - Past Tense [Degenerate]
Neos - Candela [Edge One]
Axel Walters - We Are The Future [SMIND]
NX-Trance - Psycho (UpFlight edit) [Mysterious Station Dark]
Paul Denton - Afterglow [FSOE]
Jamie Walker - Far From Here
Chicane Ft Natasha Bedingfield - Bruised Water (Psymes 2018 reconstruct)

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