Morttagua - The 8th Sense (Robert Babicz remix) [Timeless Moment]
Fredd Moz featuring Sara Houston - Free Flyer (Depth 74 remix) [State Control]
Tallone - Rain [Alltum]
Diego Morrill - Terminal L01 (Alternative mix) [Above All]
L_DG - Sensual Dreams [Synth Collective]
Can Unsal - Beyond The Sea [Pegasus Music]
Elite Electronic - Digital Age [Suanda Progressive]
Asioto & Leonety - Destination Home (DenBray remix) [Summer Melody]
Akku - Bite The Bullet (Huem remix) [Defcon]
FEEL & RIMSKY featuring Diana Leah - One Last Time [Suanda Voice]
WeareD - Coliseum [Suanda Progressive]
Arjans - Vela Hyperion [Interstate]
Kiran M Sajeev - Somber [Vibrate Audio]
CubeTonic featuring Dilara Gadel - So Strong (Tycoos remix) [Suanda Voice]
Tycoos - One Amazing Day [Suanda Progressive]
HamzeH - A Thpusand Times Over [Suanda]
Lisaya - Industrial Chaos [Vibrate Audio]
ELV - Flash Guitar [Redux Red]
Adip Kiyoi - Space Roadster [Suanda]
AJ Gibson - Between Generations [Discover]
Ultimate - Adam's Peak [Infrasonic Pure]
Empathy - Skyfall (Diego Morrill remix) [Transire]
The Avains - Half Moon [Butterfly]
Airlab7 & Michael Adel - Soulmate [State Control]
Akku - Megumi (Emotional mix) [Abora]
Dmitri Klepko featuring Greta Flux - Night Dreams [Entrancing]
Agnelli & Nelson - Hudson Street (Tom Exo remix)
Katrik - Karma [Ultima Audio]
Mhammed El Alami & Lucid Blue - Under The Sun (OBM Notion remix) [Suanda Voice]
Jaadu vs Nabil - Marseille [Edge One]
The Avains & Fisical Project - Interconnected [Vibrate Audio]
Alex Wright - Meltdown [Tangled Audio]
Sacred 7 - Ankh [SMIND]
Venetica - Stand Beside Me (Mickey Crilley remix) [Synderion]
G8 - Cathy Omg (Dave Leyrock vox remix) [Discover]
Black XS & Gustavo TFB - La Plata [Dark Soho]
Zach Zlov - I Am The Night [Discover]
Melvin Sheppard & Costa Pantazis - One Night In NYC (Platinum mix) [ART]
Rich Triphonic & Eric Zimmer - Beyond The Skyline (Nikolauss #140 remix) [State Control]
Miikka Leinonen featuring Kim Kiona - Breath Of The Wild (Metta & Glyde remix) [Alter Ego Pure]
Rolfiek & Guy Alexander - Light Force [Redux 138]
Vincent de Moor - Fly Away (Danny Eaton remix)

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