Ciree - The Place I Belong (Z8phyR remix) [Summer Melody]
BLANCAh - Apneia (Binaryh remix) [Timeless Moment]
Zgoot - Irresistible Force [Synth Collective]
Kayan Code - Furion (Cory Goldsmith remix) [Alter Ego Pure]
LTN - Wind And Cloud (Denis Sender remix) [Suanda Progressive]
Northern Trace & Last Soldier - Ashes (Table 18 remix) [Alter Ego]
FloE featuring Kate Miles - Make It Last (Ruslan Radriges dub mix) [Entrancing]
Sixco - Cirano [Redux Red]
Andski - Eager Beaver (Denis Sender remix) [Entrancing]
Andski - The 549 (Cyril Ryaz remix) [Trance All Stars]
Cyril Ryaz - Arcade [NFM]
Stereopeppers featuring Irina Makosh - Best For You [Redux Red]
Andrew Henry & Maria Milewska - Crystalized [Suanda Voice]
Huem - Ryzen [Suanda Progressive]
Denis Airwave - Before The Sunset [Entrancing]
Kevin Vergauwen & Chatry van Hove - Glimmer Of Hope (Tycoos remix) [Entrancing]
Adip Kiyoi & VIKA - Soul In The Dark [Suanda Voice]
Anna Lee & FloE - Cyclone (Alex Wright remix) [Entrancing]
Braulio Stefield - Lux Aeterna (Sergey Lagutin remix) [Abora]
Aley & Oshay - Peace Of Mind [State Control]
Mariano Elnen - To Your World [Levitated]
Eric Senn & Cosmic Heaven - Rapa Nui [Suanda True]
Manuel Rocca - Anhelo (Derek Palmer remix) [Silent Shore White]
Ahmet Atasever featuring Monty Wells - Trading Halos (Sunset remix) [Alter Ego]
Cris Grey - Artemis [Abora]
Hoyaa featuring JJ - Greyzone [Vibrate Audio]
Eric Senn & Laucco - Born To Trance [Beyond The Stars]
Derek Ryan - Wild [Redux]
Jon Mangan - Alleviation [Defcon]
Venetica - Sound Of Snow [Alter Ego]
Eminor9 featuring Alisson - You Get Me (Sothzanne String & Gayax remix) [Liberty Music]
Adam Reece - Antonia [We Are Trance]
Dustin Husain - Max Revive [Infrasonic Pure]
Elite Electronic & Sandro Minero - Heaven Song [Suanda True]
Solewaas - Regganes Tears (Brent Rix & Mechanical Chords remix) [Alter Ego]
Akku - Megumi (Music Box mix) [Digital Euphoria]
D-Clips - Xenomorph [Defcon]
Rated R - The Purge [Tangled Audio]
M3R-T - Breathtaking (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [Trancer]
Venetica - Stand Beside Me (Mickey Crilly remix) [Synderion]
Arman Bas - Vulcano [Defcon]
NX-Trance - Omen [Mysterious Station Dark]

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