JP Lanteri - The Dark Side [Flemcy]
Can Unsal - Beyond The Sea [Pegasus Music]
Northern Trace & Last Soldier - Ashes (Table 18 remix) [Alter Ego]
Yan Weinstock - Find A Way [Discover]
Yesim - Daydream (vocal mix) [Above All]
5unlight - Via Lactea [D:Max Deep]
Saman Mehmani - Effort [Redux Magic]
Andski - Eager Beaver (Denis Sender remix) [Entrancing]
Cyril Ryaz - Arcade [NFM]
CubeTonic featuring Dilara Gadel - So Strong (Tycoos remix) [Suanda Voice]
Tycoos - One Amazing Day [Suanda Progressive]
Adip Kiyoi & Dirkie Coetzee - Aurora [Suanda Base]
Arjans - Vela Hyperion [Interstate]
Jam Da Bass & DJ T.H. - Get Ready And Dance (We Love Trance 2018 Anthem) [Entrancing]
Claus Backslash - No Escape [Interstate]
Mike Foyle vs Signalrunners - Love Theme Dusk (Neos remix)
Another Dimension - Endless Story [State Control]
Kometillo - Winter [Pegasus Music]
XiJaro & Pitch - Always Hope [Alter Ego Pure]
Eric Senn - Days To Come [Blue Soho]
New World featuring Di Bauer - Wherever I'll Be [Defcon]
Solis & Sean Truby - Louder Than Words [Infrasonic]
Dave Moz Mozo - Tears Of A Miserable Soul (AirLab7 remix) [Sensual Bliss]
Toyax - Heaven's Tears [Redux]
Acues - Unity (Alternate High remix) [Ultima Audio]
Martin Libsen - Eliana (Paul Steiner remix) [Beyond The Stars]
The Simbioze - Pandora [We Are Trance]
Xander presents Alex Nomak - Dark Dimension [Soundport]
Hemstock - Turpin (Inst club mix) [Xzata]
Fresh Code & Katrik - Eshana [Entrancing]
Cylum & Velden & First Effect featuring Irena Love - Nothing But Your Hands (Jordan Waeles remix) [Silent Shore]
Sytouch - Waterfall (Nolans Stenemberg remix) [Butterfly]
Kayan Code & Guy Alexander - Hi Tension (Dustin Husain remix) [State Control]
Arman Bas - Vulcano [Defcon]
D4souL - Mario [D:Max]
Costa Pantazis - Scylla Complex (Peter Berry remix) [ART]
Latex Zebra - Eclipse [Discover]
Xian - Valak [Vibrate Audio]
Gary Leroy - Khepa [D:Max Dark]
Aveo - In My Heart (Michael Milov remix) [Maratone]
Miles & Dan Audley - Distant Whispers (Destia remix) [Tranceform]
New World - One (Paul Denton Tech-lifting remix) [Defcon]

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