Danny Oliveira presents DYNO - Cypher [Timeless Moment]
T.O.M. - Hanami (Diego Morrill remix) [Melodios Music]
Votchik - Wicked Stars [Melodios Music]
MarioMos - Landscapes [Pineapple Digital]
Imida presents Ice Clouds - Brain Pain (Duba remix) [D:Max]
Profetik featuring Alina Renea - Forgive Me Again [Profetik]
ATHOM & Nuestro - Space Odyssey [InfraProgressive]
WeareD featuring Maria Milewska - Arca [Suanda Voice]
Blueberg & Joye Mill - Phantom Dragons [Trance All Stars]
Roman Messer & DJ Xquizit feat. Osito - Empire Of Our Own (Alexander Popov remix) [Suanda]
Ruslan Radriges vs Neurofunq - Wonderfull [Suanda]
Alikast - Alpha [Individual Identity]
Ricardo Barcinski - The Secret Of Life (SoundLift's Sunlight mix) [Vibrate Audio]
Elite Electronic & Vadim Bonkrashov - Impala [Suanda Base]
Stephane Marvel - Dreaming Of Light [Entrancing]
Al Sebastian - Eterno (Diego Morrill remix) [D:Max]
Dave Steward - Undercover [Nu:Chain]
Miikka Leinonen featuring Kim Kiona - Breath Of The Wild [Alter Ego Pure]
Omar Essa & Youssef Wassef - Opia (Adip Kiyoi remix) [State Control]
Syntouch & Laucco - Astro [Beyond The Stars]
Shadowline - Ray Of Hope (SounEmot remix) [Liberty Music]
Precious Affliction - Ascent (Cyril Ryaz remix) [TFB]
Syntouch & Spins - Desolation [Abora]
Loobosh & Laucco - Love Last Forever [Beyond The Stars]
Soul Entity - Plenitud [Lifted Audio]
Stefano Brigati - Shooting Star [Tangled Audio]
DreamLife & Blue Moon - Last Farewell (George Crossfield Emotional remix) [Trancer]
Riialto - Switcher [Redux]
Venetica - Premonition (Platinum mix) [Synderion]
Tycoos - Your Own Way (Dark Sound "Life" variation)
Second Reason - Savage [Suanda True]
Ross Cairns - 10.18 (Kinetica remix) [Sub.Mission]
Unix SL & Well Elery - The Lonely Fire [Mysterious Station]
Kiyoi & Eky vs Ade DokQ - Last Call [Tangled Audio]
The Avains - Vulture (Cyril Ryaz remix) [Butterfly]
Faithless - Insomnia (Danny Eaton rework)

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