Dmitry Bessonov - Sahara [Unearthed]
Z8phyR - Pindrops [Melodios]
D.E.C.A.D.A - Vitam (PROFF remix) [Uplifting Music]
Sovt - Aydan (Miroslav Vrlik remix) [Perceptive Deep]
Lumidelic - Synesthesia (Z8phyR remix) [Synth Collective]
Forgotten - Changes [Lifted Sounds]
Miroslav Vrlik - La Passion [Perceptive Deep]
PoLYED - Modulation [Mashbuk]
Adam Sobiech & Angel Falls - Disillusion [Trance All Stars]
Moein Sanjary & A.R.M.I.N - Good Old Days [Alter Ego]
Adip Kiyoi - Nothing To Forgive [Shamania]
HamzeH - Altostratus [Trance All Stars]
Ahmed Helmy & Mhammed El Alami - Helena [Suanda]
UDM - Aura [Promind]
AirLab7 - Shy Lass [Abora]
Ben Ashley - Dakota [Beyond The Stars]
Swift - The Vale [Equus]
Camerata - Timaru [Defcon]
Madwave & Tycoos - Momentum [Entrancing]
Brent Rix - Shadowcaster [Above All]
Rolfiek & Myk Bee - Reloaded 1.0 (R3dub remix) [State Control]
Last Sunlight - The First One (R3dub remix) [Silent Shore]
Costa Pantazis - Icarus Effect (Sam Laxton remix) [ART]
The Avains - Flame Your Mind (Luke Warner remix) [Tranceform]
Oliver Cattley - Viper (Type 41 remix) [Tranceform]
Architect - Waves Of Hope (Empathy remix) [Beyond Belief]
Jedmar - Higher Level Of Adrenaline (Fright Nite remix) [Transire]
Sacred 7 - Era [Beyond Belief]
Tiesto - Lethal Industry (Ellez Ria Overdrive mix - Lazarus 'Bad Things Come In Threes' edit)
NX-Trance - Within [Mysterious Station]
DelAir - Travelling (Mark Eworth remix) [Mysterious Station]
Metta & Glyde - Cognizance [ART]
Wonder Element - Eon (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [TFB]
Light Control - Once In Heaven (Kiyoi & Eky remix) [Appointed]
Defcon Allstars - Lost In Haamiah [Defcon]

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