Night Shift Master - Ocean (Rami Ramirez remix) [Midnight Coast Group]
Z8phyR - Trancefixed [Midnight Coast Group]
Bedrock - Heaven Scent (Dulcet remix)
Zak Rush featuring Lorraine Gray - Moved By You (Sunlight Project remix) [Above All]
Sunlight Project - Sunflare [State Control Essentials]
LV&A - LB (Anden State remix) [Silent Shore]
Adnane Touzani - Wanderlust [Sub.Mission]
Mahaputra - Feel Your Body Shiver (Dub Echo mix) [Midnight Coast Group]
Dennis Shepherd featuring Christina Novelli - Starlight (Oleg Farrier remix)
Huem - Shipwrecked [Trance All Stars]
Rolfiek & Hamz - Tartarus [Trance All Stars]
Tycoos & Denis Sender - Collabro 2.0 [Suanda Base]
Alphadelta - All Your Words [Defcon]
UnderNova - Man From The Moon [Only Trance]
Kev Wild - Sunshine In Sierra (Blue Run mix) [Defcon]
Jean Boris - Gea (Braulio Stefield remix) [Liberty Music]
Kiyoi & Eky with Berdi - Reasons Why [Silent Shore]
Artisan featuring Anki - Thank You (Ultimate remix) [In.Sessions]
The Avains - Spiritual Dancer (Syntouch remix) [Butterfly]
ID - ID [Defcon]
Sacred 7 - Open Your Eyes [Pulsar]
Steve Dekay & R3dub - Hade [Suanda True]
Solid State - Against All Odds [Alter Ego]
CJ SN - Alone Tonight [Soul Scream]
Kayan Code - Mercurio (R3dub remix) [State Control]
Arman Bas - Vulcano [Defcon]
Sam Mitcham & Defcon Audio - Sleep Paralysis [Defcon]
Guy Alexander - Wolfy Mckracken
Paul Miller - HAAP (Fredd Moz remix) [Delaforce]
Akamana - Amane [Mysterious Station]
Cyril Ryaz - Punk Connection [Suanda Dark]
Ciro Visone - Modern Storm (Eclipse remix) [Delaforce]
D-Clips - Xenomorph [Defcon]
Jamie Walker - Brainwave [Defcon]

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