B.Exp - Sunset Walker [IONS]
Skydivemars with Eddie Grant - The Space Within [TripleM]
Andrew Henry featuring Angel Falls - No Need To Hide (Huem remix) [Vibrate Audio]
Huem - These Little Things [Melodias Music]
Cyril Ryaz - Parisienne [Entrancing]
Amir Shahlee - Smarties (Milad E remix) [Sub.Mission]
Ciro Visone & Mr Hyde - Emozioni [Neurals]
Night Sky featuring Sonia Suvagau - To Be Who We Truly Are (Afternova remix) [Abora]
Abide - Always (Kiran M Sajeev's Forever remix) [Delaforce]
Solis & Sean Truby - Epiphany [Infrasonic]
DJ Yorrin - Nebula [Sonic Cathederal Alternative]
Miss Elektrik - The Song Of Kristiana (Luca de Maas remix) [D:Max]
Amine Maxwell - Her Soul [Sub.Mission]
Amine Maxwell - Aspen (Alexey Ryasnyansky remix) [Delaforce]
Hiromori Aso - Awakening Of The Gift [Maraphobia]
KG Project - Cold Eyes (Alternate High remix) [TFB]
Eric Zimmer & Spins - At Long Last [VERSE]
Mart Sine - Atlantis [Levitated]
Nick V - Taste Of Time [Redux]
Second Reason - Plexus [TAR#138]
DYK - Existence [Silent Shore]
FloE featuring Aly Frank - Adore You (FG Noise remix) [Entrancing]
Dustin Husain - Matter Of Time [Blue Soho]
HamzeH - Revival [Above All]
Gabrielle AG - Mera [D:Max Dark]
Carl Nicholson & James Lawson - Times Like These (Nicholson & ReDrive remix) [Media]
Josef Linecker - Back [D:Max Dark]
Sepehr Nazari presents Hypersia & Sebastian Montano - Legends [We Are Trance]
Alexander Gagarin - Live Your Life [Maraphobia]
Jamie Walker vs Armin Van Buuren - Break The Shivers (Raeb Ladiv Mashup)

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