Ultimate - Horizon [InfraProgressive]
Outfade - Starpole (Diego Morill remix) [Transire]
Kaskate & Deadmau5 featuring Skylar Grey - Beneath With Me (Dave Neven rework)
Claus Backslash - Daybreak [Redux Red]
Amir Shahlee - Smarties [Sub.Mission]
Max Millian - Evolve [InfraProgressive]
Danila Kraev - Labyrinth (Last Soldier remix) [Pulsar]
HAMZEH - You & Me [Condura]
Naeba & Soundfly - Nonstop [Aurora Melodies]
The Mechanic & Vindicator - We Rule The World (Alternate High remix) [VERSE[]
Danny Legatto - Passion [State Control]
Hadrianicus - Armadillo [Defcon]
Kiran M Sajeev - Outbreak [Maraphobia]
DJ Xquizit & Enfortro featuring Claire Willis - Take Me Home (Dreamseekers rework) [Maraphobioa]

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