Dreamseekers - Recall [Infrasonic Pure]
Kayat featuring Clare Stagg - The Calling (Mark W remix) [Suanda True]
Nicklifter - Dreams Of Paradise (Kgee & Bechs remix) [Airstorm]
Spins & Magic Sense - I Called For You (Danny Legatto remix) [VERSE]
Al Sebastian - Crucifix (Syntouch remix) [Shamania]
Bardalimov - Rise & Fall (Emre Colak remix) [Shamania[
Oliver Cattley & Steve Morley - Cobra (Perrelli & Mankoff remix) [Defcon]
Night Sky featuring Juliet Lyons - When You Are Near (Etasonic remix) [Abora]
Silvernova - Last Kiss (Delta IV remix) [Trancer]
Hekmat - Samsara [D:Max]
Andre H - Grey Flowers (Etasonic remix) [Sound & Fury]
Bernis - Northern Stars [Trance All Stars]
Ayden Casey & Matrick - To Be With You (Erika K remix) [Tangled Audio]
Dreamy - Empathy [Veritas]
Johnny The Boy - Techno Message (R3dub remix) [TFB]
Tuomas L - B-Side [Liquid Energy Digital]
Second Reason featuring Tanya Baltunova - Kinetic Blow (Tau-rine remix) [Lifted Audio]
RAYSIM - My World (Ico remix) [Ascendance Audio]

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Great epsiode this week!!! 🙂
So i enjoyed The Calling, I Called For You, Crucifix, When You Are Near, Last Kiss, Grey Flowers, Kinetic Blow and the Ico bobmb remix of My World!!!