01. Evoke - Arms of Loren (Tranquill0's Clear Water Mix) [Inferno] 02. Pedro Del Mar vs Blue Tente - You Left (Alexei Zakharov Chillout Mix) [Shah] 03. Hoyaa feat. Aminda - Midnight Forest (Adyjay Chillout Remix) [Pro-Motion] 04. Arksun - Arisen (Magdelayna's Ambient Remake) 05. Michael Splint - Remember (Nebula Chillout Vocal Remix) [Good Stuff] 06. Bassheads - C.O.D.E. [Deconstruction] 07. Leama & Moor vs Madonna - Frozen Waterdrop (MDB's Forgotten Vocals Ambient Mix) 08. Masters & Nickson feat. Justine Suissa - Out There (5th Dimension) (Christian Rusch's Chillout Mix) [Soundpiercing]

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