Dmitry Bulakov - Long Way [D:Max]
Alexey Ryasnyansky - Star Way [Condura]
Tarvali - One Breath (Derek Palmer remix) [Vibrate Audio]
New World featuring Di Bauer - Wherever I'll Be (Emotional Mix) [Defcon]
Sam Laxton - Bliss [Infrasonic Pure]
Nick V - Taste Of Time [Redux]
Frainbreeze & Cari - Stronger (Steve Allen & Enzo remix) [Suanda Voice]
New World - Ikigai (club edit) [Defcon]
Exouler - Breath Of Wind [TAR#138]
FG Noise & Tom Exo - Skyworld [Suanda True]
Kev Wild - Sunshine In Sierra (Blue Run mix) [Defcon]
Thomas Bronzwaer - Collider (Kiran M Sajeev revamp)
Defcon Audio featuring Julie Harrington - Lost In You (SettleR remix) [Defcon]
Eric Senn - Phoenix [Suanda True]
Terry Gaters & Angel Falls - True Love Hurts (Chris SX Re-Brush) [Trance All Stars]
Tom Forde - Heart And Soul [Defcon]
Kiyoi & Eky - Moon River [Redux]
Franco Landriel - Quimera [Lifted Audio]
Stella Project - Mysterious Euphoria (Mark Eworth remix) [Mysterious Station]
Black XS vs R.E.L.O.A.D - Human Rage [Suanda Dark]
Unix SL - Alpha Power [Mysterious Station]
EverLight - Ripsaw (EverLight's Blackout mix)
Roman Messer - Underworld [Suanda Dark]
Black XS - Nova [Discover Dark]
Diego Morrill presents TDM - Sinister (R.E.L.O.A.D. remix) [Operator]
Force Multipliers - Between Borders (ReDrive remix) [Defcon]
Metta & Glyde - Reflections Of The Moon [We Are Within]

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