New World - Outreach (Euphoric mix) [Defcon]
Vito Fognini & Cari - True To Myself (Tycoos remix) [Suanda Voice]
tranzLift - Iris (10th Anniversary Club mix) [Beyond The Stars]
Kita-Kei - Corundum [Beyond The Stars]
Wayf4rer & Ren Tanahashi - Morning Glory [Liquid Emotion]
Sergey Salekhov featuring Amin Salmee - Euphoria [Suanda Voice]
Woody van Eyden & Rene Ablaze - All My Life [Ablazing]
Chris Lyf featuring Kate Miles - Still Remain [Redux]
First Sight - Not Again [Edge One]
Terra V. - Natural Indecision (Paul Steiner remix) [Beyond The Stars]
Aldo Henrycho - Made Of Stars [Defcon]
Manuel Rocca - Light of The Future [Abora]
David Surok - Unfold [Liquid Emotion]
Alexander Turok - Oscillation (Tycoos remix) [2Rock]
Sailing Airwave - Full Moon Gazing [Entrancing]
Last Soldier - Remember You [LAST STATE]
Mike Zaloxx - Weightless [Interplay Global]
Ka-Da - When All Is Over Nothing Change [Liquid Emotion]
Glassman - Electronic Sighs [High Trance Energy]
Nicola Maddaloni & Paolo Andreetto - An Arrow To Infinity (Dalmoori remix) [Ultima Audio]
Roman Messer - Can You See The Light [Suanda]
Mark L2K & Epyxx - Erazer [Ablazing]
Kiyoi & Eky, Ade DokQ & Angel Falls - Away From Home [Suanda Voice]
Costa Pantazis - Archon [Synderion]
N-sKing - Alternative Reactor [Beyond The Stars]
Henry Caster & Sanani - Everything You (Gayax remix) [Ultima Audio]
EnerLift - Sky Rocket [Nrgized Audio]
Darren O'Brien - PIAV [InfraRed]
Plastic Boy - Twixt (Kenny Palmer 2020 rework)

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